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About Mc Sha Rock

Since her early days as a groundbreaking artist, Sha-Rock has remained true to hip hop’s mission of promoting peace, unity, and having fun. She began her career as a b-girl/break dancer in the Bronx, New York and is known in the Hip Hop community today as the “Luminary Icon” and “Mother of the Mic.”

In 2013, MC Sha-Rock founded Tomorrow’s Footprints, an organization committed to preserving the history and fundamentals of hip hop culture through music and dance. In April of that year she was appointed National Advisor for the Cornell University Hip Hop Library Collection. She is a recipient of the Honorary Award from the Council of New York and The Women’s Distinction Award from The Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem. She has been featured in numerous magazines, books, and documentaries about hip hop, including Thirty Years of Hip Hop and My Mic Sounds Nice.

Through lectures, public appearances, and direct work with at-risk youth, Sha-Rock serves as a mentor and educator, delivering an inspiring message of self-empowerment. She is currently working with the Real Queens of Hip Hop Tour and promoting her book, Luminary Icon.

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