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Statistics: The Standard Normal Probability Distribution
10 Questions | 1214 Attempts
normal distribution, statistics, math, tutoring, z-score, probability, normal curve, Tammy the Tutor, MathRoom
Solving Inequalities: Linear, Absolute Value, and Quadratic
8 Questions | 510 Attempts
inequalities, linear, absolute value, quadratic, greater than, less than, solve, Tammy the Tutor, MathRoom, algebra, mathematics
Solving Quadratic Equations and Word Problems by Factoring
6 Questions | 1181 Attempts
quadratic, Equations, Word Problems, Factoring, math, MathRoom, Tammy the Tutor
Derivatives of Exponential, Logs, Trig, Inverse Trig Functions
7 Questions | 231 Attempts
Logarithm, Mathematics, Calculus, differentiate, exponential, trig, inverse trig, Tammy the Tutor, MathRoom
Solving Square Root Equations
6 Questions | 206 Attempts
equations, radicals, square root, squaring, math, algebra, MathRoom, Tammy the Tutor
Factoring Algebraic Expressions-2
12 Questions | 966 Attempts
common factor, grouping, difference of squares, sum and difference of cubes, trinomials, simple, complex, perfect squares

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