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About Marla LaRue
Rev. Dr. Marla LaRue MScD is a metaphysician doctorate, author, international speaker, lecturer and a board certified pastoral counselor of the International Metaphysical Ministry, American Metaphysical Doctors Association & Counseling Psychology Association member with expertise in spiritual science, metaphysics, metaphysical dream analysis, ascension and spiritual crisis consulting. Additionally, Marla holds certifications as a Reiki master teacher practitioner, master teacher of Magnified Healing, Law of Attraction practitioner, a Delphi medium spiritual counselor and Life Optimization Coach.

Marla taught Ascension Quest at Mount Shasta and is the founder of Ascension Mind Method and publisher of the Journal of Integrated Metaphysical Sciences.

In 2015 Marla gave the presentation: "Possible Causes of the Paranormal" to the Parapsychology Foundation of Finland, under the direction of Jani Lassila, at the October 2015 "Spirit & Knowledge Fair" in Helsinki, Finland.

Best way to contact is via Facebook instant Messenger.

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