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Peaceful Solution Character Education Instructor
Male, 32 Years|Ypsilanti, United States

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I love teaching & learning as I teach

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Character Education (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Character Development
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Primary Character Education Instructor

The Peaceful Solution Character Eduction Inc., Michigan, United States

Jun 2010 - Present

Character, Acceptance, Self-Control, Respect, Responsbility

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Character Education Instructor
The Peaceful Solution Character Education Inc., Michigan, United States
Jun 2010 - Present

My job involves teaching individuals, students k-12, Adults & parents how to develop, value, and maintain a positive character. I mainly focus on social skills. How to develop positive interaction and relationships through character education


BSW Social Work Major

Eastern Michigan University, Michigan, United States

Jul 2006 - Present

by kenneth ruben jeffery posted on 03 July, 2011

I like to thank Mr.Wallace for his time and patience and great teaching.He takes the time to listen also and give encouragement to his students.It's a great and pleasurable class,and will continue to look forward to any classes he decide to teach.thank you

by Antwon Dean posted on 02 July, 2011

It's great to learn that a lack of self-control even affects our environment! We all have to practice self-control in order to ensure we all live in clean place with healthy food and water! Great class Marcell and i look forward to more lessons in the future!

by Antwon Dean posted on 24 June, 2011

Great class!! It's amazing to know and learn that self-control is needed in every situation even including the society and the environment! A society who's individuals lack self-control will fail to yield peace. We have to practice self control on an individual level first, before we can see a profound impact on society as a whole.

by shalini posted on 29 May, 2011

very dedicated and passionate teacher!

by CHRISTIAN RODNEY posted on 27 May, 2011

the class was a great benefit to me because i am trying to listen more be that positive example to myself my family and other around me thank for the class

by Antwon Dean posted on 27 May, 2011

Class was great! I look forward to the next lesson! As always I recommend the peaceful Solution classes to everyone! Join and see how you can make a difference in the world!

by Antwon Dean posted on 20 May, 2011

Great and awesome class as always! was nice to have more interactions and I think its brings everyone into a better understanding of the lessons! it takes a humble spirit and patience; yet willingness to sit through classes; but the rewards of patience results in moral excellence! I hope to see more people get involved in the peaceful solution, as practicing working on positive moral character is key to obtaining true peace one individual at a time..then it can spread!

by Antwon Dean posted on 13 May, 2011

Each lesson is a building block upon the next. By learning to control our thoughts; this helps us to gain self-control. Our thoughts lead to our feelings, our feelings lead to our actions, which has either results or consequences. I strongly encourage those who are seeking to learn the peaceful solution to solving all matters to join this class!

by yasmin posted on 08 May, 2011

Nice class coz nowadays people doesn't even pay attention to these little details.nice class

by Antwon Dean posted on 06 May, 2011

Self-control is needed in every situation! By learning to apply self control you will be able to control your thought, which leads to your feelings, which, in turn leads to your actions! If you are looking towards working and developing positive moral character then this class is perfect for you! By building positive moral character, and practicing self control as taught in the peaceful solution character education program, you will then become an example to others, and the effects will ripple out! Join this class and learn how you become a positive leader in the world today

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