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About Quoper

Our main goal is to Empower people to improve their comunication skills. Starting by Discovering their strenghts and becoming aware of their blindspots in order to completing instead of competing. Improving teamwork and relationship between students, teachers and parents so they can all achieve their goals.

Notre objectif principal est de responsabiliser les gens à améliorer leurs compétences en comunication. Commençant par la découverte de leurs forces et prendre conscience de leur angles morts, afin de secompléter au lieu de rivaliser. Améliorer le travail d'équipe et la relation entre les étudiants, les enseignants et les parents afin qu'ils puissent tous atteindre leurs objectifs.

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Human Behavior Model PQ (Others)

Language of Instruction: English, French, German

Discover potential, Discover others potential, Ultimate Discovery System, Discovering beter connect others using Empowerment

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