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Certified Eperienced Professor of English as a Second Language
Female, 57 Years|Ladson - 29456, United States

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About Laura Beth Hattersley

Laura Hattersley has a Bachelor’s from the University of Cincinnati and a Master’s from Abilene Christian University, as well as a degree in English from the University of South Carolina and three Certificates from Cambridge University. She has edited CVs and over 100 other academic papers in subjects including Environmental Engineering, Computer Technology, Medical Science, Investment, and Business. With three awards in English Language teaching from Cambridge, she has also published and presented research papers on Linguistic theory and Ethnography in many of Taiwan’s universities, including Taipei’s ETA Conference and at Purdue University in Indiana, USA.

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

One-on-One at $40-50 per hour

Group Teaching at $0-10 per hour

In Person Teaching

One-on-One at $40-50 per hour

Group Teaching at $0-10 per hour

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
English as a Second Language (Tourism and Travel)
Language of Instruction: English
English Hospitality Industry
Marketing Communications (Sales & Marketing)
Language of Instruction: English
Humanities & Social Sciences (Bachelor of Arts: Psychology)
Language of Instruction: English
Teaching Experience

English Language Professor, Editor

LEIAS Educational Services, South Carolina, United States

Apr 2012 - May 2014

English Second Language, English, Math, Language Arts

Owner. English Teacher. All ages. 6 English Language Learning Classes Online. Created a Facebook business page and have generated nearly 3200 “Likes” to date. Classes included TOEFL and GED preparation, Conversation, Phonetics (IPA) and Pronunciation, and US Tourism. Over 100 students. Opened a tutoring Center and a store at a local Exchange Park.

English Language Professor

, Taiwan

Aug 2001 - Jun 2008

GED, GRE, English tourism, hospitality, and business, GEPT, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, TKT (Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test), Written English, Conversational English, Phonetics.

Lecturer, Author, Conference Speaker. First year to fifth year students. Classes included GEPT preparation, Conversation, Phonetics (IPA) and Pronunciation, and US Tourism. Over 200 students per semester required much attention to accuracy in grading, detail in preparation, and organizational skills.


Hattersley, L., Hsia, C. (2003). Mastering the Perfect Speech: Skills of Essay and Presentation through Writing and Reading. Journal of Chin Min Institute of Technology, 10, 77-84.
Hattersley, L., Hsia, C. (2005). Culture- The Missing Link in Conversational Discourse Analysis. In Yiu-nam, L., Jenks, M. (Eds.) Issues in English Language Teaching: Pedagogy and Learning (pp. 139-150). Taiwan: Crane Publishing Company, Ltd.
Hsia, C. Hattersley, L. (2003). Activating Student’s Motivation in EFL Learning. Journal of Chin Min Institute of Technology, 9, 99-104.
Hsia, C., Hattersley, L. (2004). Application of Computers and Integrated EFL Instruction. ForThe Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Interactive English Teaching at Chin Min Institute of Technology (pp.81-94). Taiwan: Crane Publishing Company, Ltd.

Professional Experience
Qbook, Taiwan
Apr 2008 - May 2014

Proofreader and editor of over 100 academic papers, CVs, and theses. Topics ranging from humanities to science.


Master's Degree

Abilene Christian University, Texas, United States

Aug 1995 - Jun 1999


Professional Exams & Certifications

Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)

Cambridge University, United Kingdom

Year Of Passing: 2008

TESOL Certified. Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Module 1: Band 4,
Module 2: Band 3, Module 3: Band 4
Band 4= Highest content knowledge)

by Wagdi Hady posted on 08 October, 2014

I am interested in this class. The teacher is wonderful, and cooperative

by Chandeshwar Singh posted on 20 August, 2014

Yes , It was good . I have seen the recording .

by Lena Yeremyan posted on 20 August, 2014


This was a good practicing lesson. Each of us needs to practice as online teachers

by Даниил Зуев posted on 23 July, 2014

thank you for this classes, i'll recommend it to my friends

by Tom Hodgers posted on 16 July, 2014

Hi Laura, I placed the link to this class in the CELT - Our Presentations document.

This is an invitation to all English or other Language Teachers to join the Community of English Language Teachers on WizIQ:

by Laura Beth Hattersley posted on 23 June, 2014

Sorry you missed the class. Next time I'll show you how to get into the classroom.

by El Bogdanova posted on 20 June, 2014

Necessary information!

by Laura Beth Hattersley posted on 19 June, 2014

Too many technical problems. Something different for each student! Next time I'll have to ignore them and just go on. Hopefully I can handle it better next time.

by Angela posted on 19 June, 2014

excelent english teacher!!!!!!

by Angela posted on 19 June, 2014

Laura is an excelent english teacher

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