Kenneth Darryl Brown

B2B Sales 2.0 Coach and Consultant -- Sales, Web & Profit Evangelist!
Male, 65 Years |Atlanta, 30340, United States

Member since: Sep 7, 2011

Last active on: Oct 12, 2011 at 02:13 PM (EST)

About Kenneth Darryl Brown
eWeb 2 Sales & Profits is a B2B sales 2.0 training, profit and business development company that specializes in showing how to leverage the web and technology to increase sales and profitability. Sales 2.0 B2B Sales-Web Experts.

Specifically, we show how companies can improve their sales & profits by incorporating the web in their sales & profit system, upgrade their website, social and new media efforts. Also, we show how to create new content to improve web presence, company brand and online reputation.

Masters Degree in Business Administration and Computer Resource Management

Webster University, South Carolina, United States

Jun 1983 - Jun 1985

Bachelors Degree, Industrial and Labor Relations

University of Michigan, Michigan, United States

Aug 1976 - Jul 1979

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