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Dear readers,

Women and children play a major role in progression and eminence of a nation. Educated children are the future of a nation and educated women bestow the nation with bright future in the form of learned people.

Women have a vital role in Islamic society; educated women enrich and enhance the families and the societies as well as they produce learned people by whom nations flourish and Allah takes work from them to such extent that the name of Islam is glorified around the world. Men have a dominant role in prosperity of the world and the religion, without men it is impossible for any department or section to flourish or even exist. Allah has connected every aspect of Islam with men, without men knowledge cannot exist nor can we benefit from it, we get these men from the laps of such learned women.

But if women are not educated then their ignorance effects the whole nation and their children destroy their own lives and become the source of destruction for the nation and trouble for the society. Therefore, Muslims are required to take the significant task of educating women very seriously and adopt various means to perform the task of educating women.

It’s Allah’s blessedness and kindness that today we have lot of sources to acquire knowledge and education, one of them is technology through which we can teach women ONLINE.

We can’t thank Allah enough that he has bestowed the opportunity to the society of www.jannatikhatoon.com to teach women and children Online.

It’s our objective to use every kind of source to educate women and children InShaAllah

(Allah willing)

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