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Introduction to Grammar

Introduction to Grammar

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Grammar is a very important part of learning a language. There is no doubt that language can be spoken and written correctly without learning formal g...

Introduction to Vocabulary

Introduction to Vocabulary

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Vocabulary is a vital part of lingual expression. A good knowledge of words helps in an effective presentation of ideas, oral or written. It creates a...

Introduction to Grammar

Introduction to Grammar

19 Pages |1770 Views

This is an introduction to my Grammar course. It will give an insight into the topics that I will be taking up in my course.

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My greatest strength as a teacher is reaching the level of the student and ensure appropriate understanding of the concepts. The most difficult aspects of English language are presented in the simplest of ways. I can teach English from a very basic to a highly advanced level with ease. My areas of expertise range from spoken English to formal written English. I also keep a tab on various other aspects like fluency, diction, vocabulary, body language, eye contact and the level of confidence of my students, hence imparting an over all proficiency in usage of language.