Judith Yoana Moya Mosquera

I can do all things through Him, who strengthen me.
Female, 34 Years|QUIBDO - 057, Colombia

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About Judith Yoana Moya Mosquera

I'm a English and French teacher at Diego Luis Cordoba University of Chocó. I've been teaching there for two years and a half since I graduated, subjects like IPFL (Informatic and Pedagogy of Foreign Languages), English communication, French 01 and 04. I like getting ahead and improve as much as I can every day. I love being in contact with TIC, English and new cultures. This year I'm applying to a scholarship in Educational Technology. I like listening to Christian and classical music. I love reading books and watching documentaries about different topics, movies, etc.

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Informatics and Pedagogy of Foreign Languages (Bachelor of Arts: English)
Language of Instruction: English
Elective: Four Skills in French (Bachelor of Arts: English)
Language of Instruction: French
Teaching Experience


Diego Luis Cordoba University of Chocó, QUIBDÓ, Colombia

Jan 2012 - Present

Informatics and Pedagogy Foreign Languages, Elective, Four Skills French

Professional Experience
Sep 2009 - Present

Here, I have to traslate more than eight hundred of letters into English from Spanish and into Spanish from English.


Pedagogy and University Teaching Diploma

Diego Luis Cordoba University of Chocó, Colombia

Mar 2013 - Apr 2013

Bachelor degree in English and French

Diego Luis Cordoba University of Chocó, Colombia

Jan 2006 - Dec 2010

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