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Cross-cultural training for business in the Gulf

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About Handshaikh

Handshaikh is a British training company that operates globally (whether onsite or online) to provide customised business seminars, briefings and induction training for Western and other organisations wishing to improve cross-cultural communication with their Arab colleagues, clients and counterparts. We can advise on the Arab world generally and more specifically on the Gulf countries of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman.

Our programmes are aimed at both newcomers and those more familiar with the Arab world and provide the perfect opportunity to find answers to all those questions you might have been embarrassed to ask.

Jeremy Williams’ experience of Gulf Arabs and Arab business practice spans some 40 years. He was the Defence, Naval, Military and Air Attaché in the British Embassies of Abu Dhabi and Bahrain at the times of both the Iran/Iraq (the Tanker) war and the Gulf (Kuwait) War. In an Army and diplomatic career of 35 years he lived for eleven years in five Gulf locations: Sharjah, Dubai, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, and has visited most Arab countries particularly Kuwait, Qatar and Oman. He remains in contact with many government and commercial organisations and personalities throughout the Arab world.


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Online Teaching

One-on-One at $70-100 per hour

Group Teaching at $50-70 per hour

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One-on-One at More than $100 per hour

Group Teaching at More than $100 per hour

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Cultural Awareness (Others)

Language of Instruction: English

Doing business Arabs, professional communication

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