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About Jayadeva de Silva
Jayadeva de Silva obtained Master’s degree in Science from Russian Friendship University Moscow and Diploma in Personnel Management from National Institute of Business Management( SriLanka). He is a fellow of both the Institute of Personnel Management IPM) and Institute of Training & development.(SLITAD) He is also professionally qualified in training systems & curriculum design with an ILO fellowship.

A strong advocate of Human Talents Development, Jayadeva is the Principal Consultant/Director of Humantalents Unlimited, a professional practice that provides training & consultancy in Management. Jayadeva has carried out several consultancy projects and conducted numerous management development programs/strategic planning workshops, and has been trained in many modern management and leadership concepts. He has contributed articles (over 50) and authored the trend setting book ‘Human Talents Management’.

He founded humantalents International and HRSriLanka virtual learning Groups. Jayadeva de Silva functioned as Group Manager (Human Resources Development) of Hayleys Group of Companies and Group Director–Human Resources of Brown & Co.
He serves as a resource person for professional and post graduate courses primarily in the areas of HRM & HRD at Post graduate Institute- University of Peradeniya, University of Ruhuna, ICFAI University (India), University of Ballarat (Australia) SriLanka Foundation Institute IPM & SLITAD.

He is a past president of HRDGateway, an International organization of over 45,000 HR Professionals worldwide. He is featured in the millennium registry of SriLankan personalities

He can be contacted as follows
E mail djayadeva@gmail.com
011 2562449
077 7272295
Web humantalents@yahoogroups.com

Some of his publications are available for fee download from www.slideshare.net/Jayadeva
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