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About Jafar Dorri

Jafar Dorri received his MA in 2007 in TEFL from the University of Tehran and is currently teaching as a lecturer at IAU, South Tehran Branch. He has been teaching English for 14 years in both public and private sectors as an EFL teacher, teacher trainer and recently as a trainer trainer. During the past 6 years, He has trained more than 350 teachers as well as 65 teacher trainers nationally and internationally. Moreover, He has had papers on TEFL issues in TELLSI conferences (2008, 2010, 2013), ELTL-1 (2008) in Iran, TESOL Arabia, UAE, Dubai, (2009, 2014), 2nd and 3rd Annual Teacher Leadership Academy, UAE, Dubai (2010, 2011), and IATED, Spain, in 2009 and 2010. To this end, he has attended many workshops to get the necessary skills. The below list indicates the most prominent ones:

A three-day workshop on materials evaluation run by Adrian Tennant, Istanbul, Turkey (2014)

A two-day workshop on professional development by Ken Wilson, Iran, Tehran (2013)

An online course in “Personal and Professional Development in English Language Teaching”. TESOL Arabia Leadership & Management SIG October 1 – December 31 (2012)

A nine-day Master Training Course, Istanbul, Turkey (2012)

A five-day Trainer Training Course, Istanbul, Turkey (2011)

A three-day Teacher Effectiveness workshop, Dubai Men’s College (2010)

A three-day workshop on "Practical Approaches to TEFL", at the University of Tehran, Kish International Campus (2009)

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