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on a roll with Moodle+WizIQ+Google Sites !

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

Face to Face Teaching

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Graduate and Undergraduate Courses with UPOU Faculty of Education (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Associate Arts, Professional Teaching Certification, MA Social Studies Education
Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor

University of the Philippines Open University, Philippines

Jun 2007 - Present

Civic Welfare and Training Service (undergraduate), Instructional Planning and Procedures (graduate level), Practicum Teaching (graduate level)

-2013 Service Awardee, University of the Philippines Open University
-2012 Nominee UPOU, Gawad Chancellor for Outstanding Faculty

Project Teacher

The Builders' School, Philippines

May 2007 - Dec 2010

Inquiry Learning Projects Science and Social Studies, Primary Grades

Specialist Teacher

The Beacon School IB World School, Philippines

Jan 2001 - May 2007

Filipino Language, Culture and History, Primay and Upper Grades

ESL Teacher, Summer School

International School of Manila, Philippines

Jun 2000 - Aug 2000

English Second Language

Gurong Pahinungod/ Teacher Volunteer, HS Level

Libertad National High School, Romblon Province, Philippines

May 1998 - Mar 1999

Filipino and Philippine History, 1st and 3rd Yr

Gradeschool Teacher

Community of Learners Foundation, Philippines

May 1989 - May 1996

Social Studies, Writer's Workshop, Filipino

Professional Experience
Program Chair, Associate in Arts Degree
University of the Philippines Open University, Philippines
Jun 2007 - Present

I do academic advising to undergraduate students, provide student and faculty support, engage in committee work for Student Academic Progress, Curriculum, and Scholarship.

Co-founder and Program Coordinator
The Builders' School, Philippines
Jan 2007 - Present

I monitor/supervise curriculum development as well as maintain online curriculum documentation in a small progressive school: http://builderschool.org/

As a volunteer parent, I also organize educational trips/school events for the school children.

University Extension Specialist
University of the Philippines Oblation Corps- Diliman, Philippines
Sep 1999 - Dec 2000
Curriculum Specialist/ Area Coordinator
Community of Learners Foundation, Philippines
May 1994 - May 1996

MA Community Development

University of the Philippines, Philippines

Jun 1996 - Apr 1998

Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Special Education

University of the Philippines, Philippines

Jun 1985 - Apr 1989

Professional Exams & Certifications

Licensure Examination for Teachers

Philippine Registry Commission, Philippines

Year Of Passing: 1996

Associations & Membership
Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development
United States
Jul 2011 - Jul 2012
National Council for the Social Studies
United States
May 2008 - May 2010
SAMAKA Society of Curricularists
Jun 2005 - May 2008
Publications and Research
Dual Language Programs in Two Progressive Schools
J Aleta Villanueva and Ani Almario David

This journal article describes dual language programs developed by The Builders' School and The Raya School, 2 schools in the Philippines grounded on the Progressive philosophy.

Building A Sense of Community at the UP Open University Community Site
J Aleta Villanueva and Al Francis Librero

This study narrates the community building and maintenance as well as sense of community of a virtual forum for students and faculty members of the UP Open University. Copyright ICT2010 Singapore SIM University

The Teaching of Filipino as Second Language in an Integrated Curriculum
J Aleta Villanueva

This journal article describes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching Filipino language and Social Studies in local international school in the Philippines.

The Roots of Curriculum Integration in Modern Philosophy and Educational Thought
J Aleta Villanueva

This study is a historical research which examined the roots of curriculum integration in the works of Rousseau, Pestalozzi, Herbart, Kilpatrick and Dewey in modern history. This paper presents findings which examined how curriculum integration originated from JF Herbart and the Herbartians.

Teaching Presence of Selected Exemplary ESL/EFL Teachers at WizIQ: A Preliminary Study
Contributor: J Aleta R. Villanueva, Editor: Nellie Deutsch

This chapter contribution to the CO12 book (Connecting Online For Instruction and Learning: International Perspectives, Deutsch, N. , Editor) examines the teaching presence of selected exemplary teachers at WIzIQ. It discusses arising themes of Teaching Presence in online sychronous platforms such as WizIQ.

by Eric Ebro posted on 20 July, 2013

She is an excellent presenter.

by Arnie G. Dizon posted on 20 July, 2013

Very nice!

by Lea Magparangalan Cabar posted on 17 July, 2013

I'm here

by Eunice Kaye F Mauricio posted on 17 July, 2013

Hello, Misses Michelle and Sheila! :)
I'm excited about this thing.. 1st time experience for me.:)

by Lorna A. Abcede posted on 22 June, 2013

This live class was very informative. I hope we have more live classes in this course despite of the internet connection problem. The topics were presented clearly.

by Catherine May Manuba posted on 22 June, 2013

Live class is really great, its really amazed me, its like i entered a real classroom, the delivery of the lesson was so awesome and the powerpoint also.
we are in different part of the world, but live class put us together like in for corners of the classroom.

Thumbs Up!!!!

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