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Quiz for Extraordinary EduHeroes by Shelly Terrell & Slyvia Guinan
12 Questions | 21 Attempts
Quiz for Exploring Easy Web tools by Nina Septina
12 Questions | 46 Attempts
E-learning,Education,Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
Quiz For iTDiMOOC Pecha Kucha by Eight Amazing Presenters
12 Questions | 21 Attempts
Education,e-teaching,Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
Professional Development For Now & The Future by Vicky Loras
12 Questions | 50 Attempts
Learning Skills, Teaching
Publishing Your Own Materials by Dorothy Zemach
12 Questions | 55 Attempts
Literature, e-teaching, Books, Literature, Books, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Books
Quiz for Inductive, Deductive, Creative Grammar by Irina Ostapchuk
12 Questions | 173 Attempts
Curriculum Development, Teaching Tools, Learning Skills
Quiz for Social Networks in ELT by Anna Loseva
12 Questions | 99 Attempts
E-learning, General Knowledge, Education, Learning Skills
Quiz for Topsy Turvy Language Experiences by Aysegul Liman Kaban
12 Questions | 50 Attempts
Curriculum Development, Education, e-teaching, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Books
Quiz for Reflective Learning and Feedback by Rose Bard
12 Questions | 56 Attempts
Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Curriculum Development, Education, Books
Quiz for The Reading Challenge by Marisa Constantinides
12 Questions | 79 Attempts
Books, College Instructors, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
Quiz for Writing Can Be Fun by Budi Azhari Lubis
12 Questions | 53 Attempts
Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Affiliate Training, Coaching
Quiz For Creative Thinking Strategies For Teachers by Sylvia Guinan
12 Questions | 165 Attempts
Teacher Training, Teaching, Teaching Tools
Teaching Children With Special Needs: Autism by Priscila Mateini
12 Questions | 117 Attempts
Interpersonal Skills,Education,Teaching Tools
Using Video to Improve Reading Comprehension by Naomi Ganin-Epstein
12 Questions | 42 Attempts
Teacher Training, Books, Learning Skills
Game Based Learning in the Language Classroom by David Dodgson
12 Questions | 45 Attempts
Mentoring, Trust building, Learning Skills
Quiz for The Brazil-Croatia Project by Marijana Smolčec & Marcia Lima
12 Questions | 104 Attempts
Education, Teacher Training, Learning Skills
Quiz for United by Video & Image BY Roseli Serra & Debbie Tebovich
12 Questions | 123 Attempts
Teacher Training, Teaching, Teaching Tools
Quiz for Better Together by Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto & Chuck Sandy
12 Questions | 272 Attempts
E-learning,Education,Teacher Training
Quiz for FlashMobELT by Ann Loseva & Michael Griffin
12 Questions | 408 Attempts
Curriculum Development,Education,Teaching Tools
Quiz for Poetry Projects and Power by Chuck Sandy
12 Questions | 183 Attempts
Literature,Teaching,Teacher Training


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