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Online broadcasts from TROID in Toronto, Canada. Classes, Courses, Seminars and Open Lectures.

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Excellent Dars by Moosaa Richardson. BaarakAllaahu Feek.

By Saima صائمہ

On 05 January, 2013

May Allah reward Abu Abaas Musa Richardson and the guys at TROID!.

By Rashid Koja

On 29 December, 2012

May Allah reward the brother. Very beneficial class, and I will recommend it.

By Maryam Liberman

On 22 December, 2012

Great lecture as usual by our brother Moosaa Richardson. May Allaah Subhana Wata'ala reward him immensely. Ameen.

By Saima صائمہ

On 15 December, 2012

masha Allah this is my first time i really benefited

By Abdulhakeem Inenemo

On 24 November, 2012

Excellent class by Ustadh Moosaa Richardson, May Allaah Subhana Wata'ala reward him immensely, ameen.

By Saima صائمہ

On 24 November, 2012

assalaam alikum the class is a benefit in helping us to stay on the middle course following the way of the Salaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By abdul-kareem

On 10 November, 2012

BaarakAllaahu Lak, a very beneficial lecture and Moosaa Richardson explains things in a lot of detail.

By Saima صائمہ

On 10 November, 2012

All praise due to ALLAAH Most beneficial class!

By Abdus Sabur

On 03 November, 2012

alhamdulilah very beneficial May Allah reward the dua't who are aiding the people in learning this deen correctly by connect us to translate works and the major scholars of this beautiful religion unchanged ameen

By Yasriyyah Umm Saraa

On 27 October, 2012

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