Iris Antongiorgi

Teacher in Visual Art
Female, 71 Years|Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Member since: Jan 17, 2010

Last active on: Apr 21, 2015 at 11:06 AM (EST)

About Iris Antongiorgi

Teacher in visual art .With a BA and MA in education.Teach from k-12 and adult

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

Face to Face Teaching

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Drawing (Art)
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Visual Art
Visual Arts (9th - 12th Grade)
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Visual Art
Teaching Experience


Education of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

Aug 1974 - Dec 2006

Visual Art

Class in intermedia, high school and adult. Have license from the Puerto Rico Education Department .
I have take course in Word,Foto,Excel,Outlook,Windows XP ,Integrated the comuputer in the clases room ,Plataform in Blackborad,Power Point,Hyper Studio

Professional Experience
Education, Puerto Rico
Aug 1979 - May 1999

Programa for Adult with the Department of Education.



University Of Turabo, Puerto Rico

Aug 2002 - May 2004

Professional Exams & Certifications

Teacher in Visual Art

Puerto Rico

Year Of Passing: 2004

Publications and Research
mi Puerto Rico
Iris Antongiorgi

I made this Blog and did know that I will use it. It very interesting in my area . I have being thinking about another one it will be about art.

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