Alejandra S.

An acivist teacher looking to share knowledge with many people.
Female, 74 Years |FRANKLIN, United States

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About Alejandra S.
I am a teacher who believes in giving. I graduated as Chemist in Panama, Republic of Panama and moved to USA in 2001 (long time ago).
My English language was ranked as 2 in a scale from 1-10. It was not easy, but either impossible. I have many people helping and this is my way to pay back for my blessings.
So here I am wanting to teach Spanish to anyone who wants to learn and I am recruiting English speakers who would like to teach English.
Giving and caring; That's what make you stronger!
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by vickievoo posted on 27 October, 2011

This is an amazing class and Ana Selby is a wonderful and patient instructor.

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