Harish Singh

Male, 36 Years |Chandigarh, 160002, India

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About Harish Singh
My Name is HARISH SINGH PHARTIYAL- Very friendly and know a large number of people,but afraid to have close ties with anyone.I am enthusiastic,extrovert,independent,fearless and self-reliant.I have my own principles and stick to them rigidly.I like honest and frank people.Communication is my LIFE BLOOD,if the circuit will be disconnected then the other will be finished.I m very kind,generous,very creative and full of ideas and rather restless until I fulfill my AIM.I am also attached to my home and MY FAMILY.I am also a well of SECRECY.people automatically confide om me.I accept the other person as he/she is.I am a practical person with definate goals in my life.I don't like the persons who are of double standards and start any relationship with a lie.......
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Computer Networking, Java, MySQL, Advanced Java J2EE Frameworks



Panjab University, India

Jul 2007 - Jul 2010


Panjab University, India

Aug 2004 - May 2007

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