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About Gloria Lemay

I have been teaching midwifery skills and doula workshops for the past twenty years. I am a Contributing Editor of Midwifery Today magazine and a staff member of, an online classroom for birth workers.

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Language of Instruction: English
Prenatal nutrition
Language of Instruction: English
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Conference Speaker

Midwifery Today, United States

Jan 1999 - Present

Second stage problems, water birth, business

Women's Voice Award (2002)

Professional Experience
Conference Speaker
Midwifery Today Magazine, Oregon, United States
Apr 2001 - May 2001

1999 Wise Woman Way of Birth, a 5 Day Intensive Skills Workshop in Langley, B.C. Canada Aug. 9-13, l999. Instructor Gloria Lemay.
2001 Midwifery Today Conference in Eugene, Ore. “Induction Epidemic” by Gloria Lemay. “A Birth That Flows Like a River” with Gloria Lemay and Naoli Vinaver. “Waterbirth: A New Tradition Created by Women” with Gloria Lemay and Barbara Harper. “ North America’s New Traditional Midwife” panel member, Gloria Lemay.

2004 3 Day Birth Retreat on Orcas Is., WA

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Intact America
New York, United States
Sep 2009 - Present

Advisory Board Member

Peaceful Parenting Advocacy Seal Recipients
United States
Jan 2011 - Present

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Midwifery Articles
Lemay, Gloria

Foreskins for Keeps—An Idea Whose Time Has Come Midwifery Today Issue 81, Spring 2007 PROM Question and Answer—Gloria Lemay Issue 74, Summer 2005 Jeannine Parvati Baker—Gloria Lemay and Verena Schmid Midwifery Today Issue 73, Spring 2005 Suspect Diagnoses Come with Biophysical Profiling by Gloria Lemay © 2004 Midwifery Today, Inc. All rights reserved. Midwifery Today Issue 69, Spring 2004 Being a Midwife—Gloria Lemay Midwifery Today Issue 68, Winter 2003 Tokophobia- Gloria Lemay Midwifery Today, Issue 67, Autumn 2003 Courage—Gloria Lemay Midwifery Today, Issue 67, Autumn 2003 Chatty Cathie—Gloria Lemay Midwifery Today Issue 66, Summer 2003 Midwife's Guide to an Intact Perineum - Gloria Lemay Midwifery Today Issue 59, Autumn 2001 Midwifery Care for the VBAC Woman - GLORIA LEMAY Midwifery Today Issue 57, Spring 2001 AVOIDING EPISIOTOMY COMPLICATIONS By Gloria Lemay Midwifery Today E-News (Vol. 2 Issue 20 May 19, 2000) Pushing for First-Time Moms by Gloria Lemay Midwifery Today Issue 55, Autumn 2000, available online in French and Spanish and Russian. In French In Spanish Pelvises I Have Known and Loved by Gloria Lemay Midwifery Today Issue 50, Summer 1999 also available online in Spanish. Sink or Swim: Midwifery in British Columbia, Canada - Gloria Lemay Midwifery Today Issue 46 Summer 1998

by Anne Sokol posted on 11 March, 2015

Great knowledge with lots of practical steps!

by Jill Roper posted on 11 March, 2015

Always love Gloria's class. She challenges me to be better at what I do and not stay stagnant!

by Lara Lindsley posted on 24 January, 2014

Always an honor to be taught by Gloria. great info.

by Julie Molnar posted on 24 January, 2014

Excellent class Gloria! Thank you!!

by Amy Townsend posted on 24 January, 2014

I love and appreciate the knowledge that you share with us!!! Thank you as always!!!

by Kristen Burgess posted on 10 January, 2014

Wonderful class, very well-balanced information on how to truly help women coming into motherhood in a situation that's not always considered ideal.

by Kate Althouse posted on 05 September, 2013

I have learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed this semester with Gloria.

by Sonia Panetta posted on 29 August, 2013

I have been waiting for this class with a great deal of anticipation and excitement. Each one of your classes gives me so much confidence in the natural birth process. Thank you Gloria

by Evon Faidley posted on 26 August, 2013

Dear Gloria I took the terminology tests 1

by Diane Mutchler posted on 22 August, 2013

Loved this class. All of Gloria's classes are so well done. Thank you.

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