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About Family Youth Roundtable

The Roundtable is uniquely qualified to serve in the capacity of a (consumer to consumer) peer training and accreditation entity due to our staffs’, Board of Directors’, and members’ long standing history with Public Children and Family Serving Systems. Furthermore, our certification development team has over ten years experience in the advancement of peer to peer support and partnership. We are guided our by our authentic belief in advocacy through partnership. This has translated into national recognition in our implementation of Family-Youth Professional Partnerships. Many of the Roundtable’s representatives have been active since the inception of building a foundation for a family centered service delivery practice. These representatives have proven to be prominent in the advancement of Family-Youth Support Partner programs; from policy development, program implementation and direct service provisions.

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Over ten years experience providing curriculums to advance the professions of Peer to Peer support providers in public child-family serving systems and engagement of families and youth. All curricula is developed modeling Family Youth Professional Partnerships, which means teams of those receiving services, those providing peer to peer services and systems/services providers influence the training development.

Language of Instruction: English

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Language of Instruction: English

Social Services Family and Youth Engagement

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Language of Instruction: English

Peer Peer, Certification, Engagement, Stigma Discrimination and Disparities


FYRT is the BEST!!!!

By Eva Fauke

On 18 November, 2010

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