Connecting Online COO9on February 6-8, 2009

Web 2.0 is facilitating change. Some of these changes are the way people connect, reach out, and stay connected with others. Whether you are in business, teaching, development, research, or just want to experiment, you can have your own space in the web. We all have things worth sharing, experiences, stories, anecdotes which can enlighten or brighten up other peoples' lives, things that can be useful to others. This is the spirit which moves Connecting Online .... connecting, sharing, reaching out... sharing what you know, what you would like to know, and how you use technology for personal and professional reasons. How will we do this?

Join hundreds of teachers, learners and experts from around the world as they faciliate your online connection. These live online sessions will provide you with a chance to voice your ideas, add comments, ask questions, and learn. Remember the main goal of Connecting Online is to connect in order to share!

To learn more about the conference, please go the conference microsite on ning:
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