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About ELT@I

The late Padmashri S. Natarajan, (1901-1977), our Founder, started his career as a Science and English teacher and rose to serve successfully as Headmaster of a Training school, as Director of All-India Council for Secondary Education –what is now known as the NCERT—--member of several Education Commissions, President of the South Indian Teachers' Union and Vice-President of the World Confederation of the Teaching Profession.
We,A Recognized Leader, A Catalyst. A Facilitator and Trendsetter in spreading English Literacy , provide a forum for teachers of English to meet periodically and discuss problems relating to the teaching of English in India.

Help teachers interact with educational administrators on matters relating to the teaching of English.

Disseminates information in the ELT field among teachers of English.

Undertake innovative projects aimed at the improvement of learners' proficiency in English.

Promote professional solidarity among teachers of English at primary, secondary and university levels.

Strive promote professional excellence among its members in all possible ways.

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