Best eLearning software to Author, Manage and Deliver Online Courses

Our eLearning platform enables collaborative & engaging online learning experiences

What is an eLearning software?

An eLearning software is defined as software that lets you manage your learning operations online. Typically hosted on cloud, an eLearning software allows you to create, administer courses, run live classes and conduct online tests. You can even create and view reports, collect online payments, and deliver learning modules across mobile devices.

There may be multiple users accessing an eLearning software at the same time, so, there is a user management functionality incorporated into the software. Depending on the role of the user (Administrator, Instructor, and Learner) there is a different view and usage of the software. It offers an opportunity for instructors and learners to collaborate online to make learning more engaging and accessible for all.

Offer a blended learning course option

  • Mix traditional classroom lectures with blended learning practices.
  • Capture instructor lectures and reuse recordings as review to reinforce course concepts.
  • Hold face-to-face, online office hours for students needing additional help.
  • Flip your classroom with the help of WizIQ’s virtual education platform.
  • Add multiple instructors to your scalable WizIQ online course.
  • Enjoy the perfect online teaching experience with WizIQ elearning software.
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Provide more engaging distance education

Combine synchronous and asynchronous learning activities for a more dynamic pedagogy.

  • Promote interactive, synchronous distance learning with WizIQ features like video and text chatting, breakout rooms, polling tools, and recording functions.
  • Employ courseware in a variety of file types, and have students read materials outside of class for asynchronous distance learning.
  • Conduct tests online and award certificates using WizIQ’s elearning platform.
  • elearning software makes distance education more successful.

Host webinars and conferences

  • Expand your educational reach through face-to-face, real-time webinars with experts, research subjects, or other candidates.
  • Live stream your academic conferences to the world using the WizIQ Virtual Classroom.
  • Hold WizIQ webinars and conferences to leverage thought leadership, promote your institute, and recruit potential students.
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Engage in supplemental learning

  • Lead interactive, individual or group homework tutorials and review sessions using the live audio-visual communication, screen sharing, chatting, and whiteboard features of our Virtual Classroom.
  • Store course materials of a variety of file types in our content library, and easily share them with students.
  • Monitor student participation and content usage with attendance and download reports.
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Integrate with your own web site or other learning platforms

  • Integrate the WizIQ elearning solution with your personal website or other learning management systems like Moodle or Blackboard Learn™, through an easy plug-in.
  • Enjoy our entire range of e-learning features and online course tools from within your existing platform.
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eLearning solutions for Colleges and Universities

WizIQ Online Academy Builder

Our Online Academy Builder helps educational institutes build, manage, and market courses from their own self-branded academy.

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WizIQ Virtual Classroom

Our Virtual Classroom offers all the tools and resources needed to replicate physical classroom online.

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WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugins

Our Virtual Classroom Extensions and APIs are available for Moodle, eFront, Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal, other Learning Management System or own Website.

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