Store, access and share files easily with WizIQ eLearning Content Management

WizIQ Content Library gives you one-stop content management solutions

WizIQ eLearning content management system helps you manage your eLearning course content efficiently

Easy and secure storage
An intuitive interface, smooth navigation and secure streaming ensure user satisfaction and content safety.
Quick accessibility
Easy to pull content from the Content Library to create a course or use in an ongoing live class session.
Cloud-based learning content management system gives you the flexibility to scale up according to your class size.
With a suite of features at competitive prices, we try to reduce the overall cost-of-ownership of your online course.
Multiple format support
WizIQ supports eLearning content in most of the formats like documents, audio and video.
Mobile access
Learners can access your eLearning content with WizIQ mobile app for Android and iOS.

Which one to choose: CMS or LCMS?

eLearning entails the use of communication technologies to replicate the classroom teaching process online in a sustainable manner. But, for an effective learning experience, one needs more than just the ability to share files via the internet. eLearning is supplemented by a comprehensive eLearning Content Management System (eLCMS) which helps you collect, organize, manage, maintain and reuse your course content. eLearning CMS is different from a Content Management System (CMS) as it focuses on controlling and organizing the learning workflows and content resources as well as personalizing the delivery, unlike a CMS, which is a passive application through which learners can simply view documents.

Teach better with WizIQ’s eLearning content management system’s all-inclusive LCMS features

  • No software download
  • Files of any format supported
  • Embed content from YouTube and Scribd
  • High-quality video streaming
  • Access content in live classes
  • WizIQ mobile app for learners
  • Categorize your learning objects
  • Mark relevant content as favorite
  • Search any file type with advanced filters
  • Share your course content
  • Control file accessibility
  • Secure storage and sharing

Managing eLearning content with WizIQ’s Content Library

WizIQ Content Library makes sure that from upload to deployment, your content is organized, secure and easy to access, to give your learners a productive eLearning experience. Let’s see how:

Store with ease

Employing Azure’s vast, global cloud infrastructure to store documents, our LCMS system ensures that your files can be stored and shared from anywhere, at any time, with just a single click.

  • Access our eLearning CMS from any internet browser, without downloading any software
  • Upload files of up to 1 GB and store up to 25 GB course content based on your need
  • Upload files of almost any format: Documents (PDF, doc, docx, RTF, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx), Flash (swf, flv), Audio (wav, wma, mp3), Video (mp4, mov, avi, mpeg, wmv)
  • Embed content from YouTube, Scribd, SlideShare and authorSTREAM
  • Import content from Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive
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Allow access to your content

In today’s fast-paced world of reducing attention spans, rapid accessibility of your course content is as important as its storage and security. Be it a self-paced course or an online classroom session, WizIQ’s LCMS features provide a hassle-free experience for learners.

  • High-quality video streaming
  • Easy accessibility of course content from Virtual Classroom in live sessions
  • Control of permissions regarding who can view or download your course content
  • Option for learners to access the course content via WizIQ mobile app
  • Option to view content on the eLearning CMS without downloading it
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Organize your Course Content

A well-organized course schedule is composed of small modules of instructional sequences called Learning Objects. Creating and managing learning objects instead of monolithic course structures saves time and money as they can be reused for multiple courses. Here is how our content management for eLearning makes it easy to manage your course content:

  • Arrange, move and reorder your learning objects between folders
  • Edit course content details
  • Categorize your learning objects in different sections, chapters and courses
  • Search your files according to their format using advanced filter option
  • Mark relevant content assets as favorite
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Share what you want

WizIQ’s eLearning content management provides simple learning asset sharing solutions for a productive online learning experience. These LCMS features let you control who sees your course content:

  • Share URL links of your course content with users via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+
  • Drive class discussions around a shared file by commenting in the stream
  • Have control over file access to allow or disallow user permission
  • WizIQ mobile app for Android and iOS lets your learners access your content easily
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Security on your fingertips

With WizIQ’s eLearning content management, you can share videos, presentations, documents, images and flash files. Most type of content is served via https. WizIQ eLearning CMS provides fast, smooth and high-quality content management solutions with following security parameters:

  • Tokenized access to keep intruders out: An access token acts as a key, allowing or denying access to your shared files. This way, your eLearning content can only be viewed through WizIQ by the users and students that you have approved.
  • Expiring URLs for privacy protection: When your videos are viewed by users through the WizIQ video-sharing platform, the video file location is not exposed to users to prevent unauthorized video streaming and repetitive access.
  • Encrypted video streaming to secure files: WizIQ uses a secure protocol (RTMPTE) that encrypts your video files in real time, while the data is being transferred, to secure your data from theft or piracy.
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