E.G. Sebastian

Marketing Teacher
BEAUFORT, United States

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About E.G. Sebastian

For the past 20+ years E.G. Sebastian has worked the trenches as a successful manager and business owner. Sinece 2003, he has been helping individuals and teams improve their performance, relationships, teamwork, and sales skills through his workshops and one-on-one coaching.
You can learn more about his work and the topics he teaches at http://www.egSebastian.com .

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

Face to Face Teaching

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Marketing (Sales & Marketing)
Language of Instruction: English
internet marketing, sales training, web design, free publicity, wordpress, etc
Teaching Experience

DiSC Behavioral Model Trainer/Facilitator

E.G. Performance Solutions, United States

Jul 2003 - Present

Effective Communication, Personality Style Theory and Applications

Certified DiSC Trainer/Facilitator

Conflict Management / Relationship Development Expert / Author of Communication Skills Magic

E.G. Performance Solutions, United States

Jul 2003 - Present

Conflict Management, Improving Managers' Performance, Improving Team Performance, Dealing Difficult Customers/Coworkers/Subordinates, Effective Communication

- Keynote speaker at NewBarter's International Anual Conference

- Keynote speaker at various teacher conferences (some sponsored by eDventure Children's Museum)

- Certified DiSC Behavioral System Trainer/Facilitator

Business-English Teacher

Self-Employed, Hungary

Aug 1997 - Nov 1998

Economics, Business Management

Tutoring Hungarian college students, helping them develop their English knowledge for their International Economics and Business classes.

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