6 Things Teachers Do to Flip the Classroom

The Flipped Classroom model is changing the ways students learn and teachers teach. When you flip your classroom, you offer your students rich, engaging material to consider at home, and you use class time to help them interact with the ideas. Lecturing during class time is minimized and students have a teacher nearby when they are doing work and most likely to need guidance.

The technology that you need to flip your classroom

Flipping the classroom is a dynamic, multifaceted project. It is full of opportunities for innovation and experimentation. “There is no such thing as THE flipped class, there are an infinite number of ways to flip a classroom,” says Aaron Sams, noted educator and pioneer of the Flipped Classroom Model.” He continues, "the flipped classroom is a tool in the toolbox of education that prevents a teacher from wasting class time lecturing, but allows the teacher to maintain the use of appropriate direct instruction and spend class time meeting the individual needs of students.”

How can you best use technology to reach more students more effectively, using the flipped classroom model? You can easily create effective videos, which use your own voice and image to explain concepts. You can access an online white board to project images and diagrams as you explain ideas. You can even use and an online media player to show educational videos and documentaries. While showing the videos, you can pause to be sure that students understand the concepts that are being discussed.

This paper highlights:

Ways in which expert teachers have used the WizIQ online classroom and Learning Management System to revolutionize their classrooms. There are examples for High School Calculus, Adult ESL, Middle School language arts and more.
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