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IGCSE/CXC Relative formula mass and moles
10 Questions | 722 Attempts
Chemistry, Molecules
IGCSE/GCSE/CXC/GCE O level- Covalent bonding
10 Questions | 459 Attempts
Chemical bonding, Chemistry, Delocalized Covalent Bonding
A level Biology-Cell cycle
10 Questions | 811 Attempts
Biology, Cell Biology
IGCSE/GCSE/CSEC/O Level Biology -The Circulatory System and The Heart
10 Questions | 1943 Attempts
Blood vessels, Biology, Circulatory system
IGCSE/GCSE/O level Chemistry -Ionic compounds
11 Questions | 1357 Attempts
Chemistry, Ionic Substances
IGCSE/GCSE/O level Physics -Forces
10 Questions | 1301 Attempts
7 Questions | 63 Attempts
Biology, Regulation and Integration of Metabolism

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I have a PhD and a hold a UK Postgraduate Certificate in Science Education. I have over 10 years experience of online and face to face teaching. My students say that I am supportive, easy to talk to and provide clear and constructive support.


Jessica has been an excellent Physics teacher for my son. At the end of a full year of being taught by her, he was well prepared for IGCSE exams. She was patient, understanding of his needs, and very thorough in her approach. I have no hesitation in recommending her - Joshua, UK

The lessons are very well prepared and organised. The tutoring lessons have helped my so much and all my questions get answered straight away. Ailsa. UK

Ah she's just A M A Z I N G! I took Physics IGCSE and thanks to her, my grades improved a lot! She teaches me on point on the Syllabus and always got an explanation ready for any questions I had. Clarissa, Malaysia

My daughter's knowledge and confidence in Biology and Chemistry (pre-GCSE) has increased immensely with help from Jessica. She is always punctual and tutors in an enjoyable manner. Danni, UK

Really helpful and knowledgeable, very good teacher with very good resources. Definitely helped! Stella, UK

"My tutor has been very accommodating and most helpful throughout the course of our sessions together. Her patience and determination towards me is what has encouraged and supported me not to give up, and to remain positive about my education." Maaria, UK

"My individual tutor is very thorough and teaches me exactly what I need to know and makes sure I understand the concept to the fullest."Divya, Qatar

"It's online so you can learn from home. There are ready resources available to learn from, the visual and interactive power points make it easier to learn. It's simple and not complicated" Akshaya, Qatar