Dr Leon Bernstein

French Teacher, Head Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Parenting Courses
Male, 63 Years|SALFORD - M7 4LX, United Kingdom

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About Dr Leon Bernstein

With 30 years of teaching experience of both Secondary and Primary Education I am now moving into Educational Consultancy to cater for a wide range of needs. I also deliver sessions on parenting.

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
French and English (9th - 12th Grade)
Language of Instruction: English
Teaching Experience

Head of Langs; Headteacher; Educational Consultant

Secondary and Primary Schools, United Kingdom

Sep 1982 - Sep 2015

French, English, Training, Parenting

OFSTED Inspector
PIKUACH Inspector



London University, United Kingdom

Sep 1987 - Dec 1999


London University, United Kingdom

Oct 1984 - Jun 1985

B.Ed (Hons)

London University, United Kingdom

Sep 1977 - Jul 1982

B.Ed (Hons)

London University, United Kingdom

Sep 1977 - Jul 1982

B.Ed (Hons)

London University, United Kingdom

Sep 1977 - Jul 1982

by Yoily posted on 23 July, 2015


by Sam Douek posted on 25 June, 2015

Fun and E.Z and learned a lot, in the comfort of my home !!!!!

by Mordechai Kohn posted on 13 May, 2015

great experience - wonderful tool for working together......

by Deborah Kestel posted on 04 February, 2015

Excellent course as always from the educated Dr L. Bernstein. Thank you very much indeed. Looking firward to more courses very soon .

by David Geffen posted on 21 January, 2015

The world is an enormously better place with Dr. Leon Bernstein in it. Thank G-d!

by Yechezkel Lobenstein posted on 16 September, 2014


by Deborah Kestel posted on 16 September, 2014

Thank you very much Dr Bernstein for a deep & insightful Course. Much appreciated. Pitch perfect.

by Devorah Sher posted on 09 September, 2014

wonderfully interactive. I loved the practical advice and to hear everyone's coments. Great presentation. Very professional and stimulating. Can't wait until next week!

by Deborah Kestel posted on 09 September, 2014

Another excellent broadcast by Dr Leon Bernstein who has a deep knowledge & understanding. Looking forward to next weeks presentation. Many thanks again.

by Elisheva posted on 09 September, 2014

Great class! So interesting and useful. We especially loved the idea of changing your language from "you cant... because..." to "when... then." Will be using that in our home! Will be tuning in next week for more great advice and brainstorming into effective communication. Excellent.

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