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Learning Italian - Fruit and vegetables vocabulary

Learning Italian - Fruit and vegetables vocabulary

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Italian vocabulary on fruit and vegetables

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I am a professional freelance translator and language tutor.

I have been working in this filed for 19 years. I love foreign languages as I think they help you opening your mind and getting in touch with different cultures.

If you wish to know more about the Italian language, culture and life style, I am your tutor!

According to your specific needs and your language skill level, I assure you my support in learning and improving your Italian as your second language.

From time to time, I will analyse your learning goals: school tests, job interviews, expatriations or just your desire to properly understand and fluently speak Italian and I will arrange your learning programme consistently.

My goals are to help you improve your Italian conversation skills, both speaking and listening and to assist you in learning and practicing grammar points as well as to widen up your vocabulary.

For any doubt or clarification you may have concerning Italian language, please consider me your personal trainer!