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Indore, 452001, India

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About DavenderKumar
B.Sc (Medical Science, CRA College, Sonipat)
MBA (Kurukshetra University, Haryana)
MPCP (STC, Chennai)
Joined as PO and first Branch was Ashram Road, Ahmedabad. Also worked at Greater Kailash, New Delhi and M D Mandi, Ludhiana during probation. First branch after confirmation was Rohtak (Haryana) Till date I worked in Panipat (SME branch), Regional Office Meerut and Presently posted at Indore (one of the important branch of Bhopal Region)

During my working in IOB I met some people who are LEADERS in true sense like Mr. R K Gupta, Mr. Randhir Prasad Singh, Mr. Abhay Ram Goyal and Mr. Natrajan. Recently I got a chance to work with Shri Suraj Nath and also got a chance to Meet Mr. A K Srivastava. What is common is all these people is IOB and IOBians being their first priority. My friends at Indore contributed a lot for these tests particularly Ms Kalpana Tiwari. Without their help it could not have been possible. I welcome all IOBIANS to submit their comments, questions and writeup to help one and all.....

Interested in learning these topics



Master of Business Administration

Kurukshetra University, India

Jul 1996 - Jun 1998

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