Collect course payments through WizIQ

How WizIQ can help you with course payments

Multiple, secure payment options for
your students

WizIQ enables simple & secure payment options for students of your courses. They can pay with credit card or PayPal.

No more hassles for you to collect payments

You can accept payments from around the world and collect payments from your WizIQ account after 15-days from the date of enrollment.

Support for your students, when they need it

Extend the benefit of the WizIQ payment support to your students. We’ll help your students with making payments and technical issues.

What can you do with WizIQ Courses?

Add Study Material

Upload Word docs, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, MP3 audio files, MOV videos and more.

Manage Your Course

Create and manage your course elements, such as content, videos and tests, from one place. Just drag and drop them to re-arrange them.

Invite your students

Invite your students to your courses on WizIQ by entering their email address. It is that easy!

Dedicated Support by WizIQ

WizIQ is committed to providing the best experience for both, learners and teachers. If you need assistance, just email

Deliver live classes, online

Use screen-sharing, 6-way live video streams, unlimited audio channels, text chat and a digital whiteboard to teach and conduct office hours, all with intuitive tools from WizIQ.

Promote your course

Get a page link for your course to post on your website, blog post, email signature, Facebook or Twitter accounts. We also provide course widgets to use on your website or blog. Do you need more material to promote your course? Simply ask us!

Collect Payments with Ease

WizIQ ensures that your payments are hassle-free for you as well as your students.

FAQs for teachers

1. How does WizIQ collect payments from my students?

Students can take a course only after enrolling in it. During enrollment, they are asked to pay the required course fee. They can pay the fee through credit card or PayPal, in addition to other regional payment options. WizIQ sends an email notification to the students once they are successfully enrolled in the course.

2. What payment methods can students use?

In India, students can use Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal, Cash Cards, Mobile Banking, Wire Transfer, Bank Deposit and Check, for paying the course fee. In US and other countries, they can use Credit Card and PayPal as modes of payment.

3. When will I get the payment? How can I withdraw my money?

WizIQ has different payment cycles for synchronous courses (courses with live classes) and asynchronous courses (courses without live classes). You can ask to withdraw your money by writing to courses@wiziq.comon meeting the milestones mentioned below. WizIQ can send payments to your PayPal account only.

Normally, WizIQ follows these payment cycles for teachers:

Course TypePayment
Synchronous courses (courses with live classes) Receive 50% payment after completing the first half of the course and the remaining amount after the course ends.
Asynchronous courses (courses without live classes)Your payment is due 30 days from the date of purchase, and is processed on the 10th and 20th of every month.

4. Do I need to reach a minimum amount before withdrawing funds from my account?

No, you don’t need to reach a minimum amount to withdraw your money.

5. How do I get started?

In order to enable WizIQ to manage your course payments, you just need to fill out this form. Once it is complete, the WizIQ Courses team will enable the course payment option for your course. This usually happens in 1-2 business days. Once the process is complete, we will send an email to notify you. We’ll also contact you if we need some more information.

6. Why should I use WizIQ to receive payments for my courses?

  • WizIQ provides multiple payment options to your students. WizIQ also introduces several regional payment options in different countries from time to time. Hence, it provides your students with flexibility of paying through various modes and increases your chances of receiving timely payments.
  • We support online payments by credit card and PayPal, ensuring that students can pay when they want to and not just during the working hours.
  • The WizIQ team also helps people facing payment issues related to their credit card or payment accounts.
  • WizIQ gives students money-back guarantee before their second class (for courses with live classes) or 7 working days (for courses without live classes), thereby increasing their trust in the course payment and enrollment processes.
  • You avoid the hassle of continuously tracking the data related to refund and discount. WizIQ does that for you and provides you with a complete payment system and support for a very nominal fee of 10% per transaction.

7. What currencies can the students use to pay?

Currently, WizIQ supports US Dollar (USD) and Indian Rupees (INR). Students from India will see the payment amount in Indian Rupees on WizIQ’s website (, whereas students from all other countries will see the amount in US Dollars.

8. What is the WizIQ Guarantee?

All paid courses on WizIQ are labeled with the WizIQ Guarantee. For teachers, this means that WizIQ will ensure that only the students who have paid the course fee can access your course. For students, this means that WizIQ provides a great learning platform and the delivery of course content as specified in the course description. For students, we offer a refund under these conditions:

If they want to withdraw from the course before the second scheduled live, online class

If they are not satisfied with the content or tests within 15 days of enrollment for a course that does not include LIVE online classes

9. Does WizIQ charge a commission or marketing fee for courses?

WizIQ charges a flat fee of 10%* per transaction.
*Limited period offer.

10.How can I get more information?

For more questions, contact the WizIQ Courses Team at We would be glad to give you a free demonstration or walk-through of the payment process.