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Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic Course

Intermediate MSA Course (MSA V)‏

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  • 10 Live Classes
  • 9 Documents

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Course Highlights

  • Improve your Arabic communication skills
  • Learn the fundamental skills of Arabic Communication language
  • Grammatical rules that improve & organize the language skills
  • Modern educational activities which aids the main lessons
  • Direct practice opportunities with a native qualified instructor

About the Course

Language of Instruction: Arabic, English

Course Description

Enroll in this course to get 20 hours in 10 Arabic online classes for non-native learners ,This course focuses mainly on the fundamental skills of Arabic Communication language, specially (spoken) , by modern educational methods that aids learning.

The course in general consist of five units .Every unit is divided to four parts of skills(Grammar, Listening, Reading, Speaking) and these will be studied in Two online classes.

Class 1- Grammar, Listening . with examples , questions , activities and homework .

Class 2- Reading, Speaking .with examples , questions , activities and homework

Course Package :

  • Course Duration is 5 weeks - * 20 hours in 10 online classes.
  • Each week will have 2 classes (Saturday -2 hours & Sunday-2 hours ).
  • Class timing (2-4 pm _Saturday) , (2-4 pm _Sunday)(Sana'a time).
  • 4 audio (real conversational recordings) for (listening lessons)
  • 9 pdf documents for lesson's body & questions about lessons.
  • Final Exam of the course.
  • Tests after every lessons of skills (Two Tests every an online class )

This course is ideal for:

This course is for non-native Arabic learners in who are in the Intermediate level who want to develop not build their Arabic communication skills , or who have already studied a couple of beginner courses .

This course is appropriate for many Intermediate educational levels , because of its goal which focuses mainly on skill not just information .

What makes this course unique?

The teaching style is according to the learner’s comprehension & abilities .

Materials and activities :

1- Additional summaries prepared by the instructor.

2- Educational videos and audios .

3- Assessment quizzes & exams.

4- Extra drills out of the curriculum lessons .

5- Watching an Arabic news channels .

6- Reading an Arabic newspapers & magazines .

7- Recordings for the curriculum lessons .

8- Researches prepared by the learner then discuss with instructor .

9- Homework and Competitions .

10- Conversational Exchanges between instructor and learner .

11- English Language at time of teaching .

predictable course outcomes:

Course Outcomes :

- Use new words & enhanced vocabulary in appropriate real situations .

- Communicate effectively about various daily life situations in Arabic language .

- Understand most of what you hear in Arabic and write that in a good and organized Arabic form .

- Learners will be able to read Arabic clearly .

About the Instructor

Mohammed Attubai
Sana'a, Yemen


- Sana'a University _ Faculty of Languages _ (Bachelor of Translation) .

- Academic British Institute. (English Diploma)_ With Grade of (excellent).

- International Electronic Academy Center_ Business Administration Diploma).

- General Telecom. Institute. (Computer Applications Diploma)- With Grade of (excellent).


- International Electronic Academy Center_ (Human Development Diploma).

- Pioneers Of Future Foundation _ (Skills Of Management & Leadership Program ) (30 hours).

- 5 English courses at Methods of Teaching – Al.ola modern schools.

- Yemen Institute for Arabic Language – (Methods of Teaching Arabic for Foreign S.S).

International Electronic Academy Center (Skills of Writing C.V).

Yemeni Green Crescent Organization. (First Aid Program).

Work Experience

(2007). ALHARETH secondary School (Arabic Language Teacher).

(2008_2012). Private English Lessons for students of Secondary School.

(2009_2012).The Educational Center-Sana'a (Teacher of Private English Classes).

(2012_2013). Al-Ola modern secondary schools (English Language Teacher).

(2013). Emirates modern schools - (Supervisor of English Language Teachers)

(2012-2013). British Crescent Institute (English Language Teacher).

(2013-present). Yemen Institute for Arabic Language YIAL (Arabic Language Teacher).

(2014) – Azal University - (Arabic Language Teacher - for Foreign Students ).


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