Courses / AQL Reflect Program: Semester-2

AQL Reflect Program: Semester-2

A one-year study of Quran based on the traditional sciences of writing, reading and vocabulary

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Course Highlights

  • Learn writing, reading, and vocabulary of the Quran
  • Live, online instruction with Imam Wisam Sharieff
  • All classes are recorded and available for viewing

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

The AQL Reflect program is a year-long study of Quran based on the traditional sciences of writing, reading and vocabulary. Online classes are taught by Imam Wisam Sharieff, Monday-Wednesday, 3pm-6pm US central time.

The AQL Reflect program makes Quranic instruction accessible to anyone with the commitment and discipline to undertake online studies. We seek to develop the culture of online etiquette and bring the arts back into the traditional sciences.

After completion of the first year, you will be able to write, recite, and understand the book of Allah, and you will also be eligible for AQL’s 2015 Retain Program.

Course Package:

  • Class timings: 3-6 P.M. (US Central Time) (Monday-Wednesday)
  • Starts on: January 5, 2015 1, 2014

About the Instructor

AQL Online
Euless, United States

AQL Online (Advocating Quranic Literacy) was founded in 2012 by Imam Wisam Sharieff with the sole purpose of bringing the Quran to every individual seeking to learn the words of Allah. AQL’s vision, mission, products and services are the culmination of two decades of education, research, travel, and teaching around the world. With a singular dedication and focus in seeking to share the words of Allah, AQL rapidly has become a well-recognized name in the Muslim community.

AQL takes the complex science of Quranic recitation and transforms it into clear, easy-to-understand lessons, appropriate for every age and learning level. The AQL curriculum takes students from the basic foundations of letters and sounds all the way through the Quranic vocabulary and to memorization of the book of Allah. Wherever you are in your journey with the Quran, AQL is there to guide and support you; we are with you every step of the way as you learn the Quran and make it a part of your life.

AQL delivers the most reliable, credible, and authentic Quran teaching program today. Providing so much potential for growth and success, we believe it is time for you to become an Advocate of Quranic Literacy.



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