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VPTC - Virtual Paralegal Training

Grow Your Business by Growing Your Clients Business

Course Highlights

  • Start & Manage Your Virtual Paralegal Business
  • Learn the Tips & Tricks of Virtual Paralegal Business
  • Grow Your Business by Growing Your Client's Business

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Objective

After completion of The Virtual Paralegal Training Center course members will be able to:

• Apply their paralegal experience and education as they did in an office to the virtual world.
• They will learn how to transition from the office setting to the virtual world without compromising any rules, ethics, skills or responsibilities required of a paralegal.
• They will have the resources to meet their clients’ needs while growing their business.
• The Virtual Paralegal Train

Course Description

The Virtual Paralegal Training Center (“VPTC”)
Training Course Descriptions
• Is the Virtual Paralegal Business for you?
• Transitioning from in Office Paralegal to Virtual Paralegal
• Starting Your Virtual Paralegal Business
• Setting Up Your Virtual Paralegal Office 
• Managing Your Virtual Paralegal Business
• Marketing Your Virtual Paralegal Business
• Virtual Paralegal Interview 
• Virtual Paralegal Certificate Program

About the Instructor

Virtual Paralegal Training Center
New York, United States

The Virtual Paralegal Training Center™ (“VPTC") is a community that provides training and resources to paralegals and assistants with starting and operating their virtual paralegal-assistant business. VPTC was created by virtual paralegals and is operated by virtual paralegals.