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Pathway : Master of Destinies 1: Starter Course

Learn How To Create Your Future - Right Now! with this 7 Days Module

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Course Highlights

  • Finding Your North Star - tools to clearly discover your purpose.
  • Leaving The Herd - how to leave those that are holding you back.
  • Your Compass Heading - small adjustments make huge differences.
  • An Important Truth - manifestation always follows thought and belief.
  • Your Future Self - meet the "you" that you desire to become.

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

What creates the difference of success in the lives of two people with the same education?

In school, we are taught the way things are, which can be very useful. But we are not taught effectively how to create the way we want things to be. This information, called Success Education, is as vital as anything you'll ever learn in a classroom. It is the skill of learning how to manifest and create the experiences you want in your life. It's a proven, results-oriented course for developing the faculties of the mind to the point that you can get anything you want, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others.

It is the missing piece to the puzzle for creating a purposeful, contented and successful life.

PATHWAY is a proven, effective Success Education course, a community and a lifestyle. It is a step-by-step journey for developing the primary faculties of your mind: reason, memory, perception, will, intuition and imagination. It explains the mechanics of the creative process and shows why its mastery is a key to living a fulfilling and productive life. It teaches how to become a successful person in any aspect of life you choose.

Course Package:

The course is divided throughout a seven day timeframe, in daily study modules. In total, the course includes:

  •   36 page Guidebook (pdf) - an optional read-along Study Guide
  •   7 Videos
  •   22 Audios
  •   4 Reflections
  •   3 Cartoons
  •   The Pathway Pad mobile phone app

Course Content :

  •   What is Your North Star?  Find Your North Star
  •   Leaving The Herd
  •   Navigating Your Universe
  •   What Is An Entrepreneur
  •   Who Is An Entrepreneur?
  •   Get With The Program!
  •   These Principles Work!
  •   The Guidebook
  •   Your Journal
  •   The Pull Of Your North Star!
  •   The Road Ahead
  •   A Star Is Born!
  •   Change Can Be Great!
  •   You Are Here!
  •   Play To Win!
  •   Your Compass Heading
  •   It's Time For Departure
  •   Count Your Success!
  •   An Important Truth!
  •   Your Future Self

Key Takeaways :

The videos and guidebooks introduce you to several profiles of successful individuals. Periodically through the course you will be invited to ponder more carefully the concepts being presented through our Stop and Think, Go Deeper, Beware and Tip offerings.

Prerequisites for this course :

There are no tests or assignments due as you experience Pathway course, and there are no prerequisites for taking the course.

Course Outcomes :

Outcomes that can be expected are improvements in any or all of the following Advanced Life Skills: Direction, Judgment, Commitment, Confidence, Self-Esteem, handling Change, Communication, Personal Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Ability to handle Peer Group, Setting Goals, Achieving Goals and Improving Conditions, Ability to Manage Emotional States, Resilience to Setbacks, Eagerness Toward the Future and Influence/Leadership.

As the first 7 Days of the complete Pathway package, this is vitally important information for the forward-thinking individual, and is the difference-maker in getting the results in any part of your life you choose.

About the Instructor

Greg Strom
United Kingdom

Written by Shane Krider and Gregory Strom, Pathway teaches unique, proven Success Education principles gathered from over 30 years combined research and experience in the Personal Development field. Krider is CEO and visionary of one of the world's most successful Personal Leadership Development companies; Strom is a multi-award winning media producer, director, editor and writer. 

Pathway's proprietary concepts are the product of decades of experiential research, including hundreds of books, and real-world application by over 50,000 individuals across the globe. The online course teaches Advanced Life Skills in step-by-step, easy to understand segments that include video, audio, written guidebook, journal, mobile app, and a private social media platform for users (Master of Destinies 2 and 3 only). It has been recognized as an outstanding distance learning program by Leadership 500 Excellence Awards (Small Company) and eLearning 100!  


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