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  • Prepare for the certification as well as interviews
  • Real high quality learning at a fraction of market cost
  • Covers both the basic and advanced concepts
  • Batch Size - Minimum 5 students required

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Daily Batch Starting : 24th November,2014 - 07:00 AM to 08:00 AM (IST)

Course Description

Our Guarantee. If you are not satisfied after the first two live classes, we will Refund all your money.
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Yes, we are that confident of this course! Read on to discover why!

What does ‘SAP Webdynpro ABAP’ do?
SAP Webdynpro ABAP is a “hot cake” in the market with its high demand for creating powerful web based Application and that too with minimum coding.

Well, just glance over the following list of features:
  • The ability to maximize design and minimize coding.
  • SAP Webdynpro ABAP(WDA) provides for drag and drop options for creating UI.
  • SAP WDA is platform independent and gives a clear separation between the layout and the business logic.
  • Supports multiple Backend Systems and supports web services call from the SAP WDA workbench (highly advantageous).
  • WDA can also integrate with SAP Interactive Adobe Forms, which are interactive PDF forms.
  • You also achieve high reusability and maintainability by using components.

Overall, WDA follows object oriented programming approach which thereby increases the efficiency and throughput. As a programmer, this is a skill you need for sure, and as someone who wants to be a programmer, this is one you need to add to your resume.

Where does this course come into the picture?
This course is the complete package, exploring concepts in-depth for you and providing a chance for dedicated learning. Each class, accompanied with comprehensive class notes, would enable you to tackle any type of complex real time scenarios and will help you succeed in your career. Coupled with doubt clearing sessions, this course offers a holistic experience for learning ‘SAP Webdynpro ABAP’ in the most time and cost effective manner.

Course Features:
  • In-depth exploration of concepts in the live classes
  • Doubt sessions to clarify any niggling concerns
  • The course helps your prepare for the SAP certification course
  • Learn ‘SAP Webdynpro ABAP’ in the most cost and time effective manner, and derive the benefits of online preparation.

Course Package
  • 25 LIVE online interactive classes
  • Access to the class recordings after the class is over (even if you miss the class)
  • Doubt-clearing sessions
  • 1 online test

Course Outline:
Chapter 1: WebDynpro ABAP (WD4A)
  • Introduction to WebDynPro for ABAP
  • Architecture of WD4A Component
  • WebDynPro components
  • View
  • WindowWebDynPro Application
  • WebDynPro: Development in detail

Chapter 2: View Controller
  • UI Elements of the view
  • View Context & Hierarchy
  • Data Binding
  • UI Element ActionsAction Event Handlers
  • Relation with Component Controller
  • Context mapping
  • Hook methods or controller methods
  • Methods of the local controller interface
  • Events
  • Cross Controller method calls
  • Filling the context

Chapter 3: Window Controller
  • Navigation between two views
  • Navigation links
  • Plugs relationships
  • Default Views

Chapter 4: WebDynPro Application
  • URL of a WebDynPro application
  • Full Qualified domain names (FQDN)
  • URLs and Namespaces
  • Calling a WebDynPro Application using UI Elements

Chapter 5: Cross Component Programming
  • Component Usages
  • Component Usages without controller Access
  • Navigation through window PlugsCross-Component Context mapping
  • External Context Mapping
  • Creating a WebDynPro component interface definitionImplementing a WebDynPro interface definition
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Dynamic context manipulation

Chapter 6: Advanced concepts
  • Service call in a WebDynPro application
  • Creating a service call
  • Messages
  • Debugging WebDynPro ABAP applications
  • Version comparisons in WebDynPro for ABAP
  • File export
  • Working with dialog boxes
  • Input help
  • Configuration of an included ALV component
  • Portal integration
  • Binding to portal: prerequisites
  • Integrating an application to portal
  • Integrating a PDF form in a WebDynPro application
  • Inserting forms
  • SAP list viewer in WebDynPro for ABAP
  • Integration of ALV in your Application
  • Managing ALV output area

Chapter 7:Methods and events of the interface Controller
  • Data_check
  • Get_model
  • Set_data
  • On_Click
  • On_data_check
  • On_function_on_lead_select

Chapter 8: WebDynPro Tools in the ABAP workbench
  • Component Editor
  • Controller Editor
  • View Editor
  • Window Editor
  • Display an interface view
  • Displaying and defining the interface controller
  • WebDynPro application
  • The WebDynPro code Wizard

Chapter 9: Dynpro Controls
  • Containers
  • Groups,Trays,Checkbox
  • Frame,I/O field,Pushbutton
  • Radio button
  • Sub screen,Table Control, Tab Strips, ets

Chapter 10: Abstract UI Element Interfaces
  • Business Graphics Library
  • Link to Action
  • Link to URL
  • Text edit
  • Text view,Link,ToolbarButton RowRoadmap

Chapter 11: Runtime APIs

About the Instructor

SAP Trainer
Hyderabad, India

SAP Trainer hold nearly 4+ years of teaching experience and have trained 2000+ students. Students taught them were able to get there place in good companies. Their teaching style is highly interactive with total doubt clearing session with hands on to get the real picture of the subject. In short, you are in the best hands for the highest quality training at really economical prices.

Yes, Tanvi is very clear on her explanation of the class material.


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