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International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics

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  • Bringing together Researchers, Faculty and students to single platform
  • Conference Dates: September 24-27, 2014
  • Conference Venue: GCET Greater Noida

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

Globalization today pervades almost every facet of human life thanks to the emergence of new digital technologies in computing and communications. At the same time, informatics with its strong focus on providing fast and ready access for human, based on these developments in computing and communications plays more very crucial role in people's lives and permeates all it in all respects, from entertainment to healthcare and from databases to e-governance.After the success of previous two editions of International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics - ICACCI-2013 & ICACCI-2012 we are proud to announce ICACCI-2014. The third edition will be held in Greater Noida, India during September 24-27, 2014. Greater Noida falls within the National Capital Region of India's capital, New Delhi and is adjacent to Noida, one of the largest industrial townships in Asia.The scope of ICACCI-2014 is to provide an international forum for exchange of ideas among interested researchers, students, developers, and practitioners in the areas of computing, communications, and informatics. The technical program of the Conference will include tutorials, regular technical sessions, symposiums, workshops, demos and plenary/keynote speeches. ICACCI-2014 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE Communications Society and IEEE Systems.

We welcome submissions for ICACCI’s Technical Program in the following areas and not limited to:

Track 1: Advanced Computing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Computer Architecture and VLSI
Computer Graphics, Simulation and Modeling
Data Management, Exploration and Mining
Digital System and Logic Design
Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation
Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
Pattern Recognition and Analysis
Robotics and Machine Vision
Systems and Software Engineering
Computational Intelligence
Nature Inspired Computing
Signal and Image Processing
Reconfigurable Computing
Cloud, Cluster, Grid and P2P Computing
Biomedical Computing, Bioinformatics
Green Computing
Mobile Computing
Ubiquitous Computing
Context Awareness and Personalization
Autonomic and Trusted Computing
Cryptography and Applied Mathematics
Security, Trust and Privacy
Digital Rights Management

Track 2: Communications

Cognitive Radios and White Space Networking
Control Systems and Applications
Communications Software
Human Computer Interaction and Interface
Information Theory and Coding
MEMS Technologies for Communications
QoS and Resource Management
RFID Networks and Protocols
Satellite and Space Communications
Optical Networks and Systems
MIMO Communications in Computer Networks
Sensor Networks and Embedded Systems
Smart Spaces and Personal Area Networks
Social Network Behaviors, Modeling, and Analysis
Space Surveillance Techniques
Vehicular, Underground and Underwater Networks
Wireless Communication
Future Internet and Next-Generation Networking Architectures
High Performance Networks and Protocols
Virtual and Overlay Networks
Network Simulation and Emulation

Track 3: Informatics

Agricultural Informatics and Communication
Community Information Systems
Computational Economics
Digital Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS
Disaster Management
e-governance, e-Commerce, e-business, e-Learning
Forest Genomics and Informatics
Healthcare Informatics
Information Ecology and Knowledge Management
Irrigation Informatics
Open Source: Challenges and opportunities
Web-Based Learning: Innovation and Challenges

Special Track on Hybrid Intelligent Models and Applications

Ant Colony for Neural Network Optimization
Chaos Theory in Genetic Algorithms
Genetic Algorithm for Fuzzy System Optimization
Genetic Algorithms for Hybrid Intelligent Systems Design
Genetic Algorithms for Neural Network Optimization
Genetic Fuzzy Systems
Genetic Neural Systems
Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms
Hybrid Modular Neural Networks
Hybrid optimization techniques
Neuro-Fuzzy-Genetic Approaches
Nature-inspired Smart Hybrid Systems
Neuro-Fuzzy Models and Applications
Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Pattern Recognition
Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Data Analysis and Data Mining

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