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About the Course

Language of Instruction: English


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Course Description


Join Now and access more than 30 LIVE classes + unlimited recording views for Statistics and Modern History for IAS Mains.


Other coaching providers provide coaching for the sake of coaching, but IAS Teacher coaches for the sake of understanding and clarity of the subjects which automatically ensures a good score in exam.


Your score in the IAS mains examination conducted by UPSC, determines your rank and service. A good score in Statistics is proven to help you improve your rank in the final merit list of the successful candidate. History is another subject which most people opt or in IAS - this makes it very competitive. This course also covers Modern History and Culture [see below for detailed topics].


You will learn using state of the art Online LIVE Classes. All the classes will be recorded as well. You can view these recordings any number of times anywhere - with Internet access. Hence, if you find a topic difficult, revise it more than once. Further, the classes will focus on providing instruction in an easy to understand manner and also in a way that these concepts can be remembered. This enables the learner to be more efficient in subjects and helps to improve their rank in the final merit list of IAS Mains examination.


This course will be best for the students who are unable to attend the direct coaching classes due to time constraints or being employed somewhere. You will learn from one of the best IAS teachers in the country - online and at a time convenient for you!


Paper I- Modern Indian History - This course covers the Modern Indian History portion in detail!


Paper II- Statistics Portion - This course covers the Statistics portion in detail!


Advantage of IAS Mains GS Statistics:


Total Marks of statistics portion : 30 to 40


One can easily get full marks from statistics portion if the answers are correct, where as in the other subjects which is theory oriented getting full marks for the question is highly impossible. Even if the answer is exceptionally high quality in nature only 60 to 70 percentage of the marks are generally awarded. For example, if any particular question carries 30 marks, maximum of 20 will be awarded even if you give a very good answer. However, in statistics, if a question carries 30, full 30 can be claimed.


*Students please note that this course covers the mains general studies statistics and not optional paper statistics!


This course prepares you for Modern Indian History & Statistics for IAS Mains!


Why you should enroll in this course:


  • Our course starts from very basics to very advanced level as per the requirement of UPSC syllabus - for both the topics: Statistics as well as Modern Indian History.
  • A person saying Math and Statistics or Modern History are always difficult for them will say it is the easiest part after learning from us.
  • Inbuilt revision is given along with the course classes and also you will be not only taught but also trained in the LIVE Classes. You will be made to do the problems by the teacher during the live classes. By this way we boost the student’s confidence level by making them to do the problem on their own.
  • This course also include topic wise test whenever the topic is completed and full portion test will also be provided after the completion of the course.
  • This course is available for a limited time at a very competitive price - almost unheard of in the market!


The problems pertaining to previous 15 years question papers will also be covered in this course [for statistics].


What’s in the box?


  • 30 Live Classes : 01 hour each
  • Held every Wednesday : 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM IST
  • Regular tests
  • Covers statistics of IAS Mains General Studies as per the syllabus of UPSC.

About the Instructor

IAS Teacher General studies CSAT
Tamil nadu, India

Having good experience in
Teaching General studies subjects from Basics to master level.

It is informatics class.Nicely Explained each and every point