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Build and grow your presence as an online teacher!

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  • 22 Live Classes

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Course Highlights

  • Learn from online teaching experts in action
  • Discover how to engage students in the virtual classroom
  • Explore the best in online learning tools
  • Learn how to create, market, and manage successful courses
  • Network with educators from all over the world

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

Teachers Teaching Online will show you how to succeed as an online teacher. Whether you're looking to get started or wish to sharpen your skills, TTO is for you!

There is no end date for this course. You can join us anytime and learn at your own pace.

Click here to see the class schedule.

In this course, Jason R. Levine introduces you to a variety of online teaching experts, all of whom possess exceptional talent for engaging learners. Each live session consists of a different expert demonstrating their skills and sharing knowledge of their experience.

List of Presenters:

Jack Askew, Mark Barnes, Marisa Constantinides, David Deubelbeiss, Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Sylvia Guinan, Vicky Hollett, Rich Kiker, Jason R. Levine, Vicky Loras, Nik Peachey, Heike Philp, Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, Chuck Sandy, Ludmila Smirnova, Graham Stanley, Shelly Sanchez Terrell,Liz Walker, Andrew Wickman

You have the choice of attending the classes live (where you can meet and interact with the presenters) or watching the video recordings afterwards.

NOTE: This course is designed for busy teachers! It will NOT require much of your time. To receive a Certificate of Participation, you need only attend or watch four (4) one-hour classes, chat on the class pages, and take short online quizzes to check your understanding of the material.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Creating courses based on live classes
  • Creating courses based on pre-recorded videos
  • Building your audience and marketing your courses
  • Using blended learning and the flipped classroom
  • Using virtual classroom tools, such as the whiteboard and media player
  • Exploiting virtual classroom features, such as the chat box, webcams, and screen sharing
  • Teaching small groups, big groups, and one-to-one lessons Assigning homework and assessing student progress

Course Structure and Schedule

  • Join anytime and learn at your own pace.
  • Click here to see the class schedule
  • Classes take place in the virtual classrooms of WizIQ
  • All classes are recorded so you can watch whenever like
  • Engage in pre and post class chats in WizIQ
  • Take short online quizzes to check your understanding
  • Earn a Certificate of Participation issued by WizIQ and signed by the instructor

About the Instructor

Fluency MC
NEW YORK, United States

Jason R Levine (Jase, for short) is Ambassador and Knowledge Entertainer at WizIQ, where he recruits teachers and develops online courses. He has fifteen years of experience as an English teacher, teacher trainer, and materials writer. Jase is the creator of ColloLearn, an approach to English language learning based on the songs he writes and performs as Fluency MC. He has led teacher training programs in fourteen countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East.

Jase teaches in the online MA TESOL program at the New School and writes songs and chants for several publishers, including Oxford University Press. He is chair of TESOL’s Video and Digital Media Interest Section and works as an English Specialist with the U.S. Department of State.

After earning an MA in TESOL from Hunter College in 1999, Jase taught at several schools before becoming the director of curriculum development for Embassy CES. In 2002, he co-founded a TOEFL preparation school for international students in New York City.

Jase maintains the ColloLearn YouTube channel and the Fluency MC Facebook page. He is an active administrator of over a dozen Facebook groups for English language teachers and learners, including How to Improve Your English, Jason R. Levine Fans,Innovative Teachers of English, and Teachers Teaching Online.


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Dervon Mckellop

Hello everyone I am Dervon Mckellop from Jamaica, I am an IT Network Engineer and an IT Caribbean Training Consultant with TestOut Corporation, I am currently working with Colleges and universities in the Caribbean to implement on IT training. Using WizIQ would be a great solutionSee more

182 days 13 hours 57 minutes ago


I am having an experience of twenty five years in classroom teaching.I want to teach online.My subject is mathematics.Is this course useful for me

215 days 16 hours 9 minutes ago

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309 days 13 hours 11 minutes ago


I am a retired English Professor from GVG Visalakshi COllege,Udumalpet, Tiruppur District,Tamilnadu, India.I wish to teach Online. Please explain to me the procedure.

331 days 19 hours 1 minutes ago


Hi everybody , i really want to join in this class , but how can I do that

390 days 23 hours 12 minutes ago

Sita Dayanandan

how do i know about the live the 1st page but unable to read the next:(

406 days 10 hours 25 minutes ago

Azeez mohammed

assalamualikum brothers and sisters,I am really happy to join this course my name is azeez, I am aquraan and Arabic teacher.

462 days 5 hours 20 minutes ago

Luis Alvarez

Music can increase attention in class. Like the music in the video classes.

467 days 8 hours 51 minutes ago

Humaira Kalsoom

hi, Jason i really appreciate for conducting informative session. all the presenters have imparted much useful knowledge. i am very happy to join this course.Have a question or want to say something? Post it here.

470 days 8 hours 57 minutes ago

aly khalil

Hi My name is Ali Mohamed Khalil From Egypt. I teach Engineering Drawing. I'm happy to join the course and learn a lot about teaching online! I hope I can create my own online courses in the future.

470 days 11 hours 33 minutes ago

María Cecilia Carattoli

Hello! IMy name is María Cecilia Carattoli. I'm from Argentina. I teach English as a foreign language. I'm happy to join the course and learn a lot about teaching online! I hope I can create my own online courses in the future!

471 days 1 hours 24 minutes ago

Yulia Amlinskaya

Hi everyone,
My name is Yulia Amlinskaya, I'm an online Russian language teacher. Happy to join this couse!

474 days 8 hours 34 minutes ago

Julio Andres

Hi everyone :

I am very happy to begin this course teacher teaching on line

best regards,


475 days 5 hours 23 minutes ago

eSchool Kerala

I became an online teacher attending Wiziq's free training programs! Way to go, Team Wiziq!! Connected learning is exciting fun.

476 days 1 hours 38 minutes ago

Dora Alicia Thompson Juárez

Hello Jason, nice to be with you online again. Pretty soon I will be starting teaching online courses, and I´m sure I will get wonderful skills from you all to be successful on performing this task. Thank you in advanced for all your help.

477 days 22 hours 34 minutes ago

Brainy Alley

Hi Jason,
I teach writing to children in Grades 3 - 6, and will hopefully make it to at least one live class, and finish the course. Meanwhile, would you please let me know if there is a practical use of the certificate?

478 days 7 hours 4 minutes ago

Maria Cristina

Hi JAson,
I am Cristina from Spain. First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is my first time doing this kind of adventure and I have to confess that I am impressed. Iam learning and enjoying a lot.My qquestion is about micrphone. Can we use it during the classes? If so... how to do it?
Thank you, lots.

478 days 7 hours 46 minutes ago

Christina Overturf Goodwin

Hello, I've already begun posting to the course feed elsewhere but never introduced myself.
My name is Christina. I am an American living and working in Germany teaching English and American culture at the moment.

I have not yet taught online, but don't want to be overwhelmed if given the opportunity to do so, and that is why I am hSee more

478 days 12 hours 48 minutes ago

Marian Hucul

Good morning from Caracas, Venezuela. My concern is, can initiate or integrate the course right now? No pude inscribirme a tiempo por problemas de conexión. O en todo caso a futuro realizaran el mismo curso? thanks.

478 days 13 hours 31 minutes ago

Taha La

Hello, I'm Muhammad, I m a teacher from Jordan. Glad to be with u and take this course. I want to teach English online. I've been teaching only for 3 years. I would like to learn much during this course. Thank u in advance.

479 days 2 hours 37 minutes ago

Liene Millere

Hi, My name is Liene Millere and I'm an English teacher in secondary school and also an Ambassador of eTwinning in Latvia. I do also online courses for teachers on ICT and for Erasmus students who want to learn Latvian. I love web2.0 bu I guess I lack a bit of a whole picture (how to combine all the tools I find amazing under one structure of a course)

481 days 9 hours 4 minutes ago

Waheeda Said

Hello, Jason. I look forward to using WizIQ for some of our course platforms. Does the videoconferencing work in most countries? In Oman, Skype and many videoconferencing doesn't work. This has impacted many of my projects, especially consulting and training. I hope this works!

482 days 19 hours 6 minutes ago

Ajit Mishra

Hi, I am Ajit Mishra and I have 6+ years of experiences of Online Teaching. But it is good for a teacher to learn every thing. thanks and I like this kind of activities. But One thing for Wiziq that make it easy to use for students, then you will reach the goal, actually teachers will use your platform if it is widely used by students. So please make you onlSee more

482 days 19 hours 44 minutes ago

jane sommers

Hi...I'm Anne from the Philippines and I've been teaching English to Koreans for 4 years. I'm really interested in learning more as a teacher. Thanks in advance.

482 days 22 hours 2 minutes ago

Michel Cohen

Hello everyone. The friendly current of communications at WizIQ is a very good presentation of this learning community. and invite to join. In the past I have been a member of the middle management, in a multinational company of the Insurance business, where I was responsible of the administration of a department of 50 persons and was specifically in charge See more

483 days 8 hours 52 minutes ago


Is it compulsory to attend all classes, i mean from june 15th to july 12.. r we shall join which is our convinient time..

483 days 10 hours 18 minutes ago

Bharati Chowdhury

The Timings of the live classes are not very convenient but since the recordings will be available, could I mix the two - depending on my schedule for the day?

483 days 13 hours 47 minutes ago

Kala Sethretnam

Looking at the schedule, it looks like almost all the timings are not suitable for me. So I hope to do the entire course offline. Is that alright ? I shall try my best however to join in live whenever possible.

483 days 19 hours 6 minutes ago

Cynthia Grenyion

Hi Jason
I am an online tutor who need to sharpen my skills in online delivery.I teach English and literacy online I am also an online student.

483 days 23 hours 39 minutes ago

Hemant Taluja


484 days 7 hours 11 minutes ago

Dahlia Abdelghany Mohamed

Hi Jason. My name is Dahlia. I teach English as a second language for adults in Egypt. I want to know what to do other than subscribing to wiziq website to attend the online teaching course. Thank you in advance

484 days 11 hours 21 minutes ago

Marwa Maher

I need the class link please

484 days 13 hours 47 minutes ago

Juliar Fadillah-Kime

Hi Jase! I'm so looking forward to this event. I was contacted by WizIQ team months ago to start my online teaching with them, but I got cold feet. Although I have two English pages on Facebook, I know nothing about online teaching because I have no knowledge of computer program. It's too sophisticated for me. :D Many of my Facebook fans have asked mSee more

484 days 14 hours 17 minutes ago

Jalpa Vyas

Hi jason I m jalpa Vyas from India. I m so glade to find this type of course. I m a new teacher for this educational field & I m going to teach subject " Communication Skills". So I m looking forward for this topic n want to learn more n more .....will u help me out???? The most important m i able for submission??? Please let me know...waitingSee more

485 days 1 hours 34 minutes ago

Janet Hellis

Hello Jason from Greece! I am absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to learn more about how to teach more effectively on-line. I have been teaching English on Skype since October, 2013 and have been learning new things every day. However, what I haven't had time to play with are the on-line white boards or to learn how to record my sessions withSee more

485 days 6 hours ago

Ivan obeso

Hello Jason thanks for the invitation, I am excited about this course and learn from all and apply it here in Mexico. trying to getting better.

485 days 8 hours 8 minutes ago

Shuvadip Som

This is a very nice move Jason. I have taken just 2 online class on ITIL foundation and I would say that such a training is much required for me. I did take a lot of class room trainings but online training is the future so Thank you very much. Looking forward to work with you and learn.

485 days 17 hours 42 minutes ago


Hi Jason. I am looking forward to participate in your classes in my first experience with MOOC, and add to my previous knowledge about the topic I enjoy and in which I had a certificate ten years ago. I expect to spend very fruitful time and learn much more from you and the big class from all of the world. Thank you

487 days 15 hours 26 minutes ago

IPC Theological Seminary

Anticipating to participate in this session and learn new insights. Thank you for inviting.

487 days 21 hours 37 minutes ago


i am so happy to enjoy elearnig of enjoyble teaching

488 days 7 hours 37 minutes ago

Basit musa

Hello I'm looking forward to participating with all of you in this session, thank you very much

488 days 20 hours 32 minutes ago

Yehya Alneami

Glad to be with you and wish to benefit a lot.

489 days 18 hours 42 minutes ago

Mark Barnes

So proud to be part of this amazing group of educators. I've been teaching online courses to educators for many years, and it is a truly enriching experience. Looking forward to this powerful MOOC. Thanks Jase.

490 days 12 hours 26 minutes ago

Mohamed Bouri

Hi Jason! This is a great platform and the project sounds interesting. I would like to ask about the fees of the course and possibilities for payment. Thanks!

491 days 16 hours 25 minutes ago


In very simple words, Jase you are GREAT! GREAT LEADER! Thank you so much.

502 days 4 hours 52 minutes ago


Great as USUAL!

504 days 8 hours 34 minutes ago