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Quick Fix English Workshop to Speak English Now

Practical English Language with these highly interactive fun-filled online classes

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Course Highlights

  • 12 LIVE interactive online classes per month
  • The course will be run at least for one month starting August
  • Suited for intermediate and advanced level learners
  • Note: this course will not help beginners level students

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

This course is not accepting enrollments right now. Browse and select a course from the other English Language courses on WizIQ.


Course Description

Poor vocabulary. Wrong grammar. Low public speaking confidence. This course will help you fix all this, and more!

Quick Fix English classes are based on hundreds of grammar worksheets prepared by a professional curriculum writer & renowned English coach Jacek Olender. The worksheets will be converted into practical exercises via fun games for speaking practice. The fun activities make sure that advanced learners are also challenged beyond a simple grammar review.

Course is designed for:


  • Intermediate level students - To develop comfort with conversational English expressions without studying rules of grammar.
  • Advanced level students - To revise and perfect your ability to express yourself fluently.

The course includes:


  • Skill building by practice vs. learning rules
  • Lots of class participation with spoken drills
  • Slang and idioms added to practical exercises
  • Focus on conversational styles and expressions
  • Competitive games applied to skill building


The course package:


  • 12 LIVE interactive online classes per month for 3 months
  • Access to class recordings
  • Classes will be held on weekends at 9 PM EST, 7:30 PM IST, 3:00 PM GMT
  • Note: A note would be appropriate to say that we strongly encourage live participation to develop perfectly with spoken English practice. The only ones who will be allowed the mic are those with a headset and have checked their mic BEFORE entering the class.


About the Instructor

George Machlan
Indiana, United States


George Machlan is the founder of Edupunk at WizIQ.


This group of pilgrims called "The Edupunk" are seeking a new paradigm for online learning. We hold to several core principals:
1. All can teach, all should teach
2. Mistakes and willing to risk mistakes are much prefered over the false goal of perfection.
3. Fun activities and gaming are not only more engaging, they are the key to a sustainable model for learning... anything.
4. Live interaction and group activities create the basis for deep and experiential learning.
5. Accountability and competition is the basis of our community. We build and only associate with leaders who can recognize that they and every member have knowledge to share.


The Edupunk at WizIQ is dedicated to the empowerment of all to teach and share knowledge. This and other similar classes are forward looking to the learner and Internet connected citizens of the future. We are a new people, even to the level of how are brains are wired. We need new tools and modalities of interrelating, primarily online. Edupunk is committed to anyone who wishes to reach their full potential and particularly their highest calling... contribute to the tribe.


Learning a second language is also an art, yet in most schools, colleges, and universities it's taught as if it were a science. George teaches real English and his style, method is very stimulating, challenging as well as enjoyable. Everybody feels comfortable and happy learning the language. So, it looks like practising English could be fun.

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Susan Dixon

Have a Great Day!

317 days 1 hours 25 minutes ago

Susan Dixon

Hi George! I am a teacher/learner here in WizIQ. I saw some of your videos on youtube. Very impressive! If possible, I would love to enroll in your courses and see what else I can learn from you. I hope to hear from you soon! Have a GREAT day!

317 days 1 hours 29 minutes ago