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Voice Modulation for Voice Over Artists

Rare Opportunity for Voice Artists to learn how to successfully modulate their voice

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Course Highlights

  • 10 LIVE interactive online classes designed for voice over artists
  • Add- on complementary courseware: Videos+Audio Files+ PPTs+Docs
  • Instructor with 15 years relevant experience

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description



Fact No. 1 - Nobody can deny that your voice is God gifted.


Fact No. 2 – You can still modulate/ train your voice


No one is a born voice over artist. Voice modulation is a technique which is to mastered through proper training and practice.


Specially designed for voice over artists, Voice Modulation for Voice Over Artists online course benefits everyone:-


  • Commercial voice overs on Radio, TV, Internet
  • Character voice overs for gamers or animators
  • Voice overs for radio jingles, promos and IDs


Here is how Voice Modulation for Voice Over Artists online course works for you:


  • Participants desirous of entering the arena of professional Voice Over are exposed to every Genre of Voice Over.
  • Audio and audio-visual sample voice overs by professionals are played for the participants before attempting a narration.
  • Every exercise is digitally recorded and played back, and the flaws are pointed out and corrective measures are advised immediately.
  • You get to learn how to use basic Digital Audio recording and editing software for home practice between sessions.
  • Focus on neutralizing your accent and pronunciation.
  • Guidance is given in making a Professional Voice Demo, and how to market it, in the world of Media.
  • You’ll become comfortable doing any genre of Voice Over as you’ll be made familiar with the finer nuances.
  • There are only two sessions per week in order to give sufficient time to practice the exercises given between sessions.


  • Note - You can take home the recordings on Pen drives or it’ll be mailed to you so that you are able to keep a record of your progress.


Gain knowledge and skills in 10 Hours which otherwise take years to master !


Voice Modulation for Voice Over Artists online course package:


  • 10 LIVE interactive online classes + Access to class recordings
  • Course timings in IST: Mondays & Thursdays 4 PM to 7 PM and Tuesdays & Fridays 9 AM to 12 AM
  • Courseware: Videos+Audio Files+ PPTs+Docs
  • Online tests to assess your performance


Voice Modulation for Voice Over Artists online course Outline:


  • Reading a text smoothly in flow making it sound said rather than read
  • Learning effective Modulation and Inflections
  • Learning which words in a sentence merit stress
  • Learning to breakup difficult words into syllables and stressing the right syllable
  • Effective pauses and how to use them for dramatic effect or to create suspense
  • How to digitally record and edit ones voice on a computer
  • How to Narrate different types of stories, Documentaries, Corporate Audio Visuals,Commercials, Promos, IVRs, Audio Books, E Learning etc
  • Studio etiquette, and studio jargon
  • Effective use of the mike
  • How to make a professional Voice Demo and Market it


About the Instructor

Anil Mani
Mumbai, India

Anil Mani is a professional voice over artist for last 15 years whose voice has graced entries at international film festivals and The Cannes Film Festivals.




  • One Gold and two silver ABCI awards for excellence in Corporate presentations.
  • Many documentaries On National geographic, Discovery and Fox History channels
  • Four Documentaries I did were entries from India at various International Film Festivals
  • A Promo and an Anti Smoking Campaign were entries at Cannes film Festival.


He lives in India.