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45 Sentences to Use English Well

Expressions which are frequently used in the sentences.

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Course Highlights

  • 16 LIVE interactive online classes to learn English language
  • Learn 45 sentences which will enable you to use English properly
  • Course instructor has been teaching English for more than 10 years

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description


Unleash the power of 45 effective sentences which will enable you to use English language in a better way!


This is a special and unique course on the 45 sentences which are frequently used in English sentences. Learning and understanding these sentences will enable you to get a grip over all the major sentence categories of English language. The 45 sentences consist of six categories such as tenses, verb forms, noun forms, modifying nouns, substituting nouns, and adverb forms. After learning these sentences you will get familiar with the frequently used expressions which are repeated in English language. Learning these expressions will not only enable you to understand the language better, you will also get to improve your writing skills. The main focus of this course is to enale you to use the language well. And by the end of this course, you will see yourself achieving this goal.


Why should you choose this course?
First, you will learn English language.
Secondly, you will be able to use English properly.
Thirdly, you will be able to communicate with others.


Why should you enroll in this course:


  • Through 16 LIVE interactive online classes you will be able to learn the proper use of English language.
  • Course instructor has complied 45 effective sentences which are frequently used in English language.
  • Course instructor has been teaching English for more than 10 years.


What’s included in this course:


  • 16 LIVE interactive online classes spread over 1 month period
  • Online access to class recording once the class is over


About course instructor:


Kyoung Sig Jung graduated from HanKook Foreign University of Studies and is an experienced teacher. Kyoung Sig Jung has been teaching English, Swimming, and Kayaking for more than 10 years in South Korea. 45 Sentences to Use English Well is a successful initiative of Kyoung Sig Jung which has enabled many students to improve their skills in English language. Kyoung Sig Jung lives in Seosan , South Korea.


About the Instructor

Kyoung Sig Jung
Seosan, Korea - South

If you want to contact with me, you can invite me by my e-mail,

My class newly starts next week with

Project AEIOU : This is a web magazine.
People who speak various languages speak vowels similarly. If you want to improve writing skills, sign up for the project. You can share information on my note of Facebook.

Teenagers' Class
I am glad to meet many teenagers who want to learn English from all over the world. I will start a new class in which teenagers are only invited privately. Teenagers who want to attend the class should be one of direct contracts. Leave your e-mail on my inbox sending a message. I will invite you. Attendees should use webcams and mics to attend class actively. The virtual class is like the traditional class as long as attendees could be real learners.
Recorded classes will be given to Grade 7 to Grade 12 who are in Direct Contacts.

My hobbies are yoga, swimming, kayaking, running, and freediving. Water is my world where I can feel free.

45 sentences which I found are very useful.

Each student from other countries can learn in the same class. The class will be scheduled soon. This class is for young students from 13 to 16 or from 17 to 19. They should be intermediate. If you want to attend the class, let me know by message.

I have a course on the 45 sentences. There is a class at 8 pm on Fridays. Anyone who wants to attend the class send me an e-mail. I will invite....

Class : Writing Club
Topics : Each topic for class will be noticed
Time schedule : 10 am on Monday in Korea.

Public Class
16 courses a month
Tuition : 100$
Time schedule : 8 pm on Monday to Thursday a month in Korea.

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