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Course Description

If your memories of history class are associated with yawn, sleep and sheer boredom then its time to reverse that!

Not only can History be real fun, but also great source to learn about any other discipline : literature, art, science, technology or even medicine.

However, history is boring when presented in a fact oriented manner. The American Revolution, the Declaration of independence, Articles of Confederation, and the list goes on; are not just historical dates and facts - but stories of inspiration, change and impact.

History presented in an interesting & story-like manner transfers a learner to that particular era. Designed by an instructor whose successful teaching style enabled thousands of students to acquire highest averages on standardized history tests, American History made Easy online course comprehensively covers American History in 32 recorded classes.

American History made Easy online course not only presents a comprehensive view of American history, it discusses how the country began, how it developed, and how it continues to evolve.

In addition, American History made Easy online course focuses on:

  • Most important documents in American History
  • Most important events in American History
  • How the nation’s history affects the choices that governments currently make
  • How important individuals have made a difference
  • The relationship between the government and the people
  • The powers and limitations of government
  • The rights and liberties of the people
  • Contemporary controversies such as the current debate over health care
  • How the nation’s national government works
  • The relationship of power between the states and the national government

American History made Easy online course package:

  • 32 recorded sessions
  • Courseware: Audio Files + PPTs +PDFs +Docs

American History made Easy online course outline:

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Class No. Topic Class Duration
1 Foundations of Democracy 1 session
2 Declaring Independence 1 session
3 The American Revolution 1 session
4 Articles of Confederation 1 session
5 Constitutional Convention 1 session
6 Compromises at the Convention 1 session
7 Federalists and Antifederalists 1 session
8 Federalism 1 session
9 Checks and Balances 1 session
10 Changing the Constitution 1 session
11 The Electoral College 1 session
12 Sectional Conflict: Heading towards the Civil War 1 session
13 Manifest Destiny 1 session
14 The Homestead Act 1 session
15 Reconstruction: 1865-1877 1 session
16 Industrial Revolution 1 session
17 Reforming America 1 session
18 Reform Movements 1 session
19 Overproduction and Low Prices = Suffering Farmers 1 session
20 The Spanish American War: Imperialism 1 session
21 World War I 1 session
22 The Roaring 1920s 1 session
23 The Great Depression 1 session
24 The Cold War 1 session
25 Supreme Court cases: The First Amendment 1 session
26 Schenck vs. The United States 1 session
27 Supreme Court Cases: Rights of the Accused 1 session
28 Supreme Court Cases: Roe vs. Wade 1 session
29 Supreme Court Cases about Civil Rights 1 session
30 Supreme Court Cases about Business 1 session
31 Supreme Court Cases: Korematsu vs. The United States 1 session
32 Supreme Court Cases: Dred Scott vs. Sanford 1 session

About the Instructor

B. Vieira
New York, United States