Courses / National Conference on "Excellence in Higher Education", 1-3 Apr 2011

National Conference on "Excellence in Higher Education", 1-3 Apr 2011

Quality Education for Sustainable Development

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  • Focuses on Quality Education for Sustainable Development
  • Teachers from All Across the Country Presenting at the Conference

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This conference is being organized by IIT Delhi, one of the worlds foremost academic and research organizations. WizIQ brings you the various sessions in this conference LIVE.


The development of a society in general and an individual in particular is closely linked to the educational attainments of its people, a doctrine that has perhaps remained unquestioned over a period of time. What however have been the topics of debate are the constituents and definitions, both of development and educational attainments.


Whereas development means different things to different people, the importance of education as a facilitator for development is commonly agreed upon. Economic prosperity, availability of consumable goods and per – capita energy consumption are some indicators of development. However, equity, quality of life and sustainability also merits attention. Clearly, sustainable development has quality education as a pre-requisite.


That the higher education system has expanded significantly in the post-independence era and that the participants of the non-government sector have made significant contributions in the last two decades is clear. What, however, is not clear is the relevance and quality of the education being imparted. That the national institutes of Importance and the IIMs in the government sector and a number of institutions and universities in the non-government sector seem to fulfill their entire mandate is an acceptable hypothesis. However, the number of such institutions is abysmally low and success stories are too far and few in between.


The plethora of commissions and committees that have been set-up by the government has emphasized three major issues that face higher education, namely reach, equity and excellence. The sector is also now sensitizing itself to the issues of globalization. Whereas reach and equity are policy issues, the issues of excellence and globalization need to be understood, both in strategic and operational terms.


Significant research, controlled experiments, experiences and best practices exist nationally and globally that could, if disseminated and practiced enhance the quality of higher education. Many of them would require suitable modifications to the practitioner’s environment. However, we believe that this rich body of knowledge has the potential to usher in excellence in the existing higher educational system.


It is in this attempt that this conference is designed. Some questions would be answered, some raised and some new paradigms may emerge. We invite you to participate meaningfully in this conference and further the cause of ‘Excellence in Higher Education’.



Conference Theme


Leadership: 1st April 2011


Session 1


  • Changing Role Of The Leader
  • Envisioning Change
  • Implementing The Change


Session 2


  • Fostering Participative Process
  • Nurturing Values
  • Empowering The Faculty


Session 3


  • Talent Identification And Nurturance
  • Establishing A Culture Of Performance
  • Building A World Class Institution


Curricula and Assessment: 2nd April 2011


Session 4


  • Inclusive Education
  • Learning Management Systems
  • ICT In Education


Session 5


  • Developing Industry-Academic Partnership
  • Establishing Global Linkages
  • Curriculum Review And Updation


Session 6


  • Continuous Assessment
  • Using Assessments Meaningfully
  • Innovations In Assessment


Andragogy: 3rd April 2011


Session 7


  • From Instructor Based Teaching To Student Centric Learning
  • Innovation In Andragogy
  • Teacher Training And Evaluation


Session 8


  • Motivating The Student
  • The Open Classroom
  • Developing Creative Learning Skills


Session 9


  • Learning By Doing
  • Linking Theory To Practice
  • The Transformational Teacher


About the Instructor

Delhi, India

EduExcellence was started by a group of IITians in December 2008 with a desire to contribute to the field of education by introducing a new culture of constant learning. Today we have access to education practices being followed in various countries and have touched the lives of more than 500 School Principals and hundreds of teachers.

EduExcellence evaluates the best of the practices from all over the world, study their scope of implementation in Indian Scenario and helps in executing them by bringing the right kind of expertise. Our Board of panel has Professors from IITs and IIMs, who play a pivotal role in our quality assurance.