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XAT 2014 Comprehensive Online Crash Course

Enroll & Prepare Intensivly for XAT 2014 Exam + GD-PI Online Preparation

Take this course and get:

  • 19 Live Classes
  • 5 Documents
  • 5 Videos
  • 5 Online Tests
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Course Highlights

  • Get XAT Decision Making Course Free | Enroll Now
  • Contains Comprehensive Online Videos for SNAP, IIFT & NMAT
  • Provides you with Exclusive GD-PI Online Preparation till March 2014
  • The focus will be on problem solving with important tips and tricks
  • Enroll and Get your preparation on a fast track with Arun Sharma

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

Expert says- XAT is the most difficult among all MBA Entrance Exams.

Don't worry! Get Mentored by Famous Teacher & Author - Arun Sharma.

This is an intensive online XAT Crash Course where focus will be on problem solving and related theory. You will get an exposure to wide range of questions topic-wise, tips and tricks to nail the correct answer! Do not miss this XAT Crash course if you want to be clear with the concepts and confident with your preparations.

Why You Should not miss this Online XAT Course?

1. Problem Solving with emphasis on tips and tricks.
2. This Course develops Logical thinking ability & Agility to perform well in exams
3. Comprehensive discussion on XAT Theory.
4. Competitive Priced Course
5. Learn online & save both time and money not only on the Course fee but also on Travel.
6. Access to Class recordings
7. Separate Online Sessions for GD-PI

Enroll Now in this Online XAT Crash Course &
Get Bestselling XAT Decision Making Course FREE

Course Content:

1. Quant- DI Online Classes: 5
2. Verbal Aptitude & LR-DI Online Classes: 4
3. GD-PI Online Sessions: 20
4. 5 Separate Videos for SNAP, IIFT & NMAT.
5. XAT Online Tests - 5
6. Also includes 5 Assignments for practice
8. Access to Class recordings & videos till March 2014.

Course Schedule:

1. XAT Online Classes will start from 11th November.
2. XAT Online Classes will go on till 31st December.
3. GD-PI Online Classes will start from 15th Nov.
4. GD-PI Online Classes will go on till Mar. 2014.

Course Structure:

1. XAT Exam: 2-3 classes per week of 2 hours each.
2. GD-PI Preparation: 1 class per week will be held for GD/PI.

Want to Bell CAT 2014? Enroll Now in Full CAT-MBA 2014 Prep Coaching by Arun Sharma-Mindworkzz.

About the Instructor

Mindworkzz Online
Lucknow, India

I define my training as both intelligent and developmental. The mind of the students who comes into the class has to be enhanced when he/she goes out. In the context of what we are teaching be it the calculation based session or a chapter on mathematics or some questions on data interpretation or reasoning, the whole challenge is to enable the students to think. When a student faces a question which he/she has never seen before, it's a kind of disadvantage for him/her. On the other hand if you have prepared properly, your mind will automatically start working.


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