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IIT-JEE 2013 : Reasoning & English Coaching

Prepare for the new Common Engineering Entrance Examination for Admission to IITs and NITs

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Course Highlights

  • IIT and AIEEE is changing, prepare for it
  • Designed to help you prepare for IIT-JEE / ISEET 2013
  • Covers both Reasoning & English for IIT-JEE / ISEET
  • Experienced English and Reasoning instructor

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description



An IIT-JEE / AIEEE aspirant focused on - Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry till 2012.


2013 brings a surprise packet for you!


Reasoning + English are also included in all new, The Common Engineering Entrance Examination : ISEET!


IIT-JEE and AIEEE, for long the gateways to India’s top engineering colleges are all set to be replaced by a brand new test to be called as ISEET - Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test. Modeled partly on the lines of the international test ‘SAT’, introduction of this test is expected to help do away with multiple entrance examinations and thereby reduce the stress levels of learners.


ISEET will test your scholastic level and aptitude for Science and Engineering!


Along with Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, you also need to be good in English and Logical Reasoning. Are you preparing for it?


IIT-JEE 2013 : Reasoning & English Coaching online course is one of the first and one of the best avenues to prepare for IIT-JEE / ISEET Reasoning and English.


IIT-JEE 2013 : Reasoning & English Coaching online course includes different types of Reading Comprehension passages at different levels (easy-intermediate-hard-hardest) at par with ISEET.


This IIT-JEE 2013 : Reasoning & English Coaching Online Course also includes different types of logical reasoning questions and tips / techniques to solve them.


IIT-JEE 2013 : Reasoning & English Coaching online course offers:


  • LIVE interactive online classes for doubt clearance
  • Complete coverage of each type of Logical and Critical Reasoning
  • Huge database for practicing RC passage everyday of the week
  • Great techniques and applications for every section following time-tested Theories
  • Mock Papers to keep you ahead of the others in terms of being prepared for the exam
  • Improved grammar with ace technical approach
  • Improved Vocabulary with some remarkable scientific approach.
  • Improved Reading Comprehension through some technical approach to complete each passage within 5-7 minutes along with the answers.


Get access to remarkable and never-seen-before techniques to solve out each section of Reasoning.


IIT-JEE 2013 : Reasoning & English Coaching online course package:


  • 36 LIVE interactive online classes
  • 50 videos + 50 docs + 50 PDFs
  • 80 online tests


IIT-JEE 2013 : Reasoning & English Coaching online course outline:


  • English Grammar (Application Of TENSE in IIT-JEE / ISEET) (For RC)
  • “ (Application Of Voice and Speech in IIT-JEE / ISEET) (For RC)
  • “ (Application Of Clause in IIT-JEE / ISEET) (For RC)
  • (Application Of Co-relatives in IIT-JEE / ISEET) (For RC)
  • (Application Of long Complex Sentences in IIT-JEE / ISEET) (For RC)
  • Techniques to improve Vocabulary (for RC)
  • Techniques to improve Vocabulary (for RC)
  • Word-fixation technique to improve RC
  • Paragraph fixation to improve RC
  • Speed-Search technique to improve RC
  • Slowly Increasing speed reading
  • Mind-fixation technique to Improve RC
  • Become an Excellent Reader
  • Understanding types of questions
  • How to judge the theme of the Passage
  • How to judge the Inferential questions
  • How to judge author’s point of view
  • How to judge other types of questions


  • Note : This is the anatomy of English class. Next, in similar fashion every section of Logical Reasoning and Critical Reasoning would be covered.


* Every chapter would be covered at par with IIT-JEE / ISEET, through clinical precision and technique.


About the Instructor

Rajib Talukdar
Kolkata, India

Rajib Talukder holds experience of more than 5 years in training students in scientific English. His guidance has enabled many students to clear hyper competitive exams like Civil Services, Management (CAT, MAT) and Banking Exams.


Rajib has done MA English and also holds a Special Certification in Technical English and Grammar.


He now brings the same experience and expertise to K12 level with ISEET 2013 : Reasoning & English Coaching online course.


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