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Mobile Advertising, Digital Advertising & Affiliate Marketing

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Course Highlights

  • Learn how to grow a business /earn money sitting at your home.
  • Setup tracking, affiliate marketing, what works on the internet.
  • How to make money via smartphone & mobile advertising.
  • Ad creation, testing, tracking, optimization and guidelines
  • There are very few trainers in india that teach mobile CPA advertising

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

If you wanted to learn about marketing the digital way, this is the course for you. You will learn all about mobile advertising / internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

This course encompasses all the about internet advertising and mobile marketing. You will learn from where to start, which advertising networks to pick, which affiliate networks pay, how to create & optimize your ads and how to grow your business online.

Whether you are a housewife looking to earn some extra money, a student or a business holder who wants to go global this course is beneficial for everyone.

Key highlight -> Just 10% of what a normal course charges in India and that too with a hands on experience!

The course includes 70 video lectures and LIVE classes support over the weekend (announced from time to time)!

The course outline:

Basics of online advertising:

# Free advertising methodologies

# Paid advertising methodologies

# LIVE videos to setup Paypal account, tracking, advertising accounts, affiliate accounts

# Best affiliate networks in the industry

# Basics of paid search advertising

# Basics of social media advertising

# Pay per view advertising

# Banner marketing

# Internet marketing best practices

Mobile advertising:

# Push notification advertising

# Banner advertising

# In-app advertising

# Pay per call advertising

We will also cover:

# Ad creation

# Ad optimization

# Ad compliance policies of affiliate networks

# Ad compliance policies of advertising networks


# How to receive and send payments

# How to negotiate the price of an offer

# How to pickup an offer

# In free advertising we will cover basics of search engine optimization, social media marketing, blogging, article marketing, classified ad marketing, local listing.

About the Instructor

utsav goyal

With an experience of over 5 years in the online advertising/ affiliate marketing industry with revenues over $200,000, Utsav Goyal knows the pulse of the market. With 1000's of hours of experience in testing, optimization and a huge industry exposure he can show you the vast scope and earning opportunities in the online/mobile advertising industry!


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Sharma Chanbi

I would like to learn seriously affiliate marketing. Let me know if I can go online for this. Also plz let me know the duration of the course, timing, fees, practical classes etc. ?

283 days 19 hours 28 minutes ago

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