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Spiritual World Conference 2012

Unification of World through introduction of Spirituality

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Course Highlights

  • Organized by Indian Foundation for Vedic Science, India
  • In Collaboration with Higher Education Dept. Govt. of Haryana, India
  • Venue for Technical Sessions: Govt. College, Bahadurgarh
  • From 14-16 March, 2012
  • Supported by University of Spiritual Research, California, USA

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English, Hindi

Course Description

Spirituality for healthy, peaceful, prosperous, trouble and tension free World


Spirituality refers to inner reality. It is an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being. It lies beyond the material world of proof, beyond what can be measured or counted. It integrates the salvation of the individual with the transformation of society. That is why moral ethical values are basic to spirituality. It is vision that insists that one ' s welfare is co-terminus with the welfare of society. That is because spirituality presupposes a holistic vision in which all the parts dwell organically within the whole and the whole indwells the parts. One part cannot thrive at the expense of the other. Thus spirituality brings purpose and meaning to life and as we develop it, we grow in wisdom and love. We begin to experience a sense of connection to all and deep reverence for divine. The happiness becomes the way of life. The pro-active spirituality will make the world free from ignorance, war, tension, violence, terror corruption, mental and physical diseases, poverty and misery turning it into a heavenly abode to live on. It will promote the selfless service, social justice and lead to the unification of the world.


Unification of World through introduction of Spirituality


This conference aims at unification of world through introduction of spirituality in business, religion, politics, governance and social actions, promoting selfless service, ethical and moral values, meditation, yoga, Ayurveda etc. so that this globe may be allowed to be safe heaven for humankind and other lives free from diseases, ignorance, corruption, poverty, drugs, wars, terrorism and violence.


Proposed Topics:

  • Who am I? What is God?
  • Spirituality for overall development of a human-beings.
  • Spirituality for mental and physical Health of human beings
  • Spirituality and Science, Sports, Religion
  • Spirituality in Business, Society, Politics, Governance
  • Spirituality for world peace and social justice
  • Spirituality for war, tension, terror and violence free world
  • Spirituality for alleviation of poverty and misery from the world
  • Spirituality for enlightenment and removal of ignorance
  • Spirituality for Corruption free society


Special Scientific Session on Ayurveda : Some Topics are :

  • Integration of sprituality in Ayurvedic management.
  • Ayurveda for spiritual health
  • Philosophical basis of Ayurveda for health and peace
  • Ayurveda and Yoga for psychiatric rehabilitation
  • Pain management through spirituality
  • Yoga and spiritual health
  • Immunization of spirituality through sadvritta
  • Achara rasayana and spirituality
  • Overcome stress through spirituality
  • Prevention and cure through mental and spiritual immunity


In addition to the above topics, we invite panelists for the panel discussion on Spirituality for world peace and social justice.

Venue for Inaugural Session:Conference Hall of Tecnia Institute of Advance Study, Madhuban Chowk, Rohini, Delhi

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Who should Enroll

Spiritual leaders, Social activists, Scholars, Scientists and academician are invited to participate and share their experiences. Interested organizations are also invited to send their delegates to attend the conference.

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