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Develop Android Applications

11 videos to kick start your journey into the exciting world of Android Apps

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Course Highlights

  • Carefully designed and explained videos
  • Learn the Android App development
  • Self paced course where you learn on your own pace
  • Experienced Android Developer & Instructor
  • The instructor is a reputed conference speaker too

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description



>>For Professional Certified Android + Java Course at $49



This course is not accepting enrollments at present. If you are interested in learning Android Application Development we recommend another great Android course. It has more classes, more courseware and is from a fantastic course instructor. Click on the link below to go to the course page:


Professional Android App Development



Programming can’t be learned at a hurried pace.


That’s why this course helps you learn Android App development on your own pace!


Preferred by 200+ million users worldwide in Smartphones, tablets, laptops, ebook readers, Android OS is one of the largest open standards software. No wonder, Android has a large community of developers writing Apps that do everything from reminding you of your friends birthdays, block spam messages, help you navigate in open oceans, connect to your social networks and more.


Market analysts predict that by 2015, penetration rate of Android handsets will be

80% of total Smartphones in Africa, India and China.


The ever increasing demand corresponds to a huge short fall of Android App Development skills in the market.


If you want to be a part of Android’s success story, this course is for you.


The best part is that you learn Android App development on your own pace. The instructor has poured all his knowledge and experience of training and consulting for many mobile lab startups in the 10 videos. You should have some background in programming, particularly HTML/ CSS and JavaScript.


What’s included the course:


  • 11 Recorded Videos


Course outline:


  • Video 1 : Creating Skeleton Android Application

  • Video 2 : Using XML for UI Layouts

  • Video 3 : learning basic android widgets

  • Video 4 : Using Selection Widgets

  • Video 5 : Containers and Fancy Lists

  • Video 6 : Input Framework in android

  • Video 7 : Applying Fonts

  • Video 8 : Working With menus

  • Video 9 : Embedding Webkit Browsers

  • Video 10 : Showing pop up messages

  • Video 11 : Dealing with threads


About the Instructor

Prajyot Mainkar
Goa, India

Prajyot Mainkar leads SPM Softwares & Designers, a Products company innovating products in CMS, .Net and Android.


Prajyot has been consultant for mobile labs startups and himself an android developer over 3 years of experience. He expertise in Android based commercial apps including domains like CRM, ERP and Social Apps build over using Facebook and Twitter API. He has been mentor for various mobile app building strategy and initiatives around India. His qualifications and certifications include:


  • Masters in Software Systems from BITS Pilani

  • PMP Project Management from IIT Delhi


He lives in the beautiful tourist resort town of Goa.





Prajyot has been my online contact and it is rarely when you recommend someone without the person asking himself. I had few problems for a while now in my blog and things related to android apps. Prajyot came from the front to help and mind it he literally means what is helping people. Oh by the way not to forget that he is very smart in his work too. I am glad that I am recommending him and guys you need to talk to this guy if you need any help on tech side. All the best Prajyot, keep it up :)

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Prasant Naidu

(Hired Prajyot as a IT Consultant in 2011)